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Who is going to be the first.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by munecito, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. P plater in loosing the licence with the new laws?


  2. Er, which ones?
  3. I thought they were tightening the laws, not loosening them.
  4. Man i never realised how hard it was to stick right on the speed limit, nearly lost my licence on the weekend, and thats on my 125!!

    Been thinking about just pulling the p-plate off, figure if i get caught speeding im screwed anyway, but less likely to get pulled over without a p-plate on...
  5. for you mexicans -
    this is what is going to keep our (NSW) young hooligans honest :p
  6. well i only got 1 point left on my bike P's so it doesnt make a difference for me anyway. few more months till full license. it cant come soon enough
  7. More compliance, less safety.

    "Now, let the clutch out gently. Be careful not to step off it too suddenly. Now, stare intently at the speedo. Be very careful not to keep your eyes on the road. See that little white dash near the "60", and the red needle? As long as the red needle doesn't pass that line then you will be completely safe."

    Sounds like a foolproof plan... Big Ted for PM I says!!

  8. Perfect timing on my part as usual :roll: . Just passed my P's test on the weekend...

    I ride from Sydney to Bathurst semi regulary.. cant wait to get rear ended sticking merticulously to 90km/h by someone in a landcruiser doing 110+.

    As for the question, who will be first? I bet a few dozen unlucky sods have already had the pleasure of realising their social life and employment are gone as a result of doing 45 in a 40 zone at 2.31pm. :evil:
  9. Yeah, but the question is more like who is going to be the first NSW netrider to cop it.

  10. my bet, will be on which ever P-plater rides a CBR250RR.
  11. For the right amount of money Smithy (say enough for a few new bikes, including a trackie?), I'll take that bet and go lose it on the Spada :rofl:

    "which ever P-plater rides a CBR250RR"

    :LOL: That narrows it down to 50%...
  12. Ah I get ya. Give it a few days and we'll probably know.

    Yay RTA.
  13. Sad situation for you NSW young'uns.
    ( :LOL: )
    Seriously, though, you'd have to start wondering if it's even worth owning a vehicle at all until your through your first year. A licence cancellation is a serious thing that sticks with you for life. There are lots of jobs that you will be ruled out of, and you will need to declare it on every insurance application you make, with the certainty that it will increase your premium considerably. Plus it will come up on every rego check the cops do on you.
    Maybe another 12 months on the bus is worth it?
  14. Why dont we just say that all Leaners are are restricted to peewee 50...
  15. The road rules, AND their enforcement in this country are so f*cked up!...The propensity for Australians to accept it, only empowers the nitwits who invoke them, to continue with their inept "rulership" over us.

    There...glad I got that off my chest.! :grin: back to watching the speedo, so when I hit something (because I was watching the speedo), they won't be able to go me for speeding.

    Maybe we all need to start buying HUGE trucks....that way it won't hurt at all when we DO hit something, while we are watching the speedo!..

    Soon speedos will be calibrated so closely that they will only show 60kph max...we'll argue with cops..."but officer...I was was doing 59.9995kph on MY speedo...I was WATCHING it!"
    Officer - "No you were'nt...you were doing 60.0002kph"...

    Ahhrrg!...the whole bloody thing p*sses me off so bad.grrrrrr! :evil:
  16. If the automatic suspension applied only for offenses in excess of +15km over the limit I could see the sense in it and would support it. You dont 'accidentally' do 80km/h in a 60 zone. You could quite easily do 57 in a 50 zone in half a second if you hit a pothole and the throttle gets bumped.

    Low range speeding offenses deserve a little slap on the wrist, a reminder to keep things sensible. But hey, what could be a better way for young drivers and riders to improve their abilities than to take away their license for extended periods of time, eh?
  17. :LOL: Raven, right on...I speed when it keeps my safe, and I'll keep doing it. I'd rather lose my licence than my life.
  18. Yeah watch your Speedo, check this Netriders 350km/h Unrestricted Busa Speedo.

  19. I Still want to know how they can book you with digital gear and be totally accurate, when most speedos are analog and depending on your seating posistion can be 2-3 k out. What's going to happen now is that more people are just going to drive unlicensed, uninsured and unregistered. There are way to many stupidly thought rules that are going to impact on many people unneccessarily. My thinking though is that this will only be short lived once one too many people get done and they might actually put some though into licencing as opposed to knee jerk reactions
  20. Thank god i live in WA!

    I swear, Eastern State road rules are fcuking bizzare compared to over here. Went to Melb last Dec, and every driver that was turning in at a junction gave way to pedestrians when they were, or about to cross. In Perth its every pedestrian for themselves! Run across the road as quickly as possible before you get beeped at....