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Who invented going to work?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by maplegum, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Who I ask you!?

    Must have been a non rider.

    Perfect weather here in Melbourne today and I'm stuck in my office that doesn't even have any windows to the outside world. I could grow mushrooms in this office.

    Wonder how long I could live off centrelink payments so I could ride more often?

    This isn't fun anymore.
  2. ..absolutely perfect fricking riding weather here in Sydney today!!... and I am stuck in a blasted office!! [​IMG]

    .. rain forecast for Sunday (the only day I can ride this weekend!!)... [​IMG]

  3. Yeah I hear ya. Weather is great in Sydney too with a forecast for some wet weather over the weekend.

    At the very least the working week should be set up around forecasts.
  4. I'm lucky, I work from home, we run our own business (thats why I'm always on this group - and others!:)). Theres always errands to go out for, going to the Bank, etc, it takes forever to gear up, helmet and gloves off, helmet and gloves on, repeatedly but its the best part of my day. Its a hard life but someone has to do it :). I feel for you sitting in an office all day.
  5. Whoever it was - I want them caught and shot!

  6. Think you got it bad?..

    I work in an office tower in North Sydney.

    With a glass window-wall.

    On the harbour overlooking the bridge and the entrance to the pacific highway.

    And an air-conditioner set to -15C.

    With no bike today.

  7. Oh!!.. you poor bugger!!.... :-({|=

    ....you have it good!!.....
  8. Gotta love that line in the song 'The Big Rock Candy Mountain' (featured in 'O Brother Where Art Thou?'): "And they hung the jerk who invented work"
  9. +1 for another with no natural light at work.. :(
  10. Yesterday I was in the office and my boss asked me if I rode to work. When I told him I did he asked me how I would feel about going for a ride in work time. ......he sent me to go buy him smokes from down the road. It was only a 5 minute ride, but I don’t take much convincing to go for a ride on a nice day. :p
  11. I think it was the guy who invented paying bills.
  12. I went to pick up burritos from a place 30 minutes away once time =D>
  13. +1 to your boss
  14. Just looked out my office window from the Brangaroo side, over the harbour bridge toward North Sydney. I can see a dude against the glass looking out at all that beautiful riding weather....is that you?
  15. Nah, he already jumped.
  16. Oh yeh....I see the smudge.
  17. Such a good day today, took lunch at 1pm & just got a water & sat on the brickwork admiring my bike in the parking lot, I would go for a ride but anywhere riding around the airport at you're likely to be hit by a taxi.

    I always see UPS couriers on motorbikes, I don't have the balls to ride around here.
  18. I was sure i could make the water!!
  19. Actually, I think it was the person who invented eating.

    Or maybe his son.
  20. I get payed to ride a motorsikle all day... unfortantly it's just a CT110.