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who (in syd) rode to work today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Azamakumar, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. and is looking forward to the ride home? http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDN65152.shtml

    flash flooding and hail. about 50mm just got dumped on unsw in the last minute. fun, eh?

  2. I just missed with a few sprinkle rain drops.
  3. Yeah dry and sunny here, got on the bike and went into town to check the post office.
    2kms that way *points* the sky is falling.
  4. I went for a quick 10 minute ride at about 2.30 (just bought first bike) and saw some dark looking clouds coming over fast. Glad I have a car to go to uni in today :).
  5. and now it's sorta clearing up again
    oh dear
  6. I'm sorry, this is obviously my fault: I believed the BOM this morning and left my wets at home...
  7. Gonna head home now - hope all is clear of hail between the CBD and inner west
  8. Looks to be all but gone now. Funny, I didn't seem to get that much where I am and I'm only a couple kms from UNSW. But there was a fair bit of lightning. Tried to get some photos but by the time the camera and tripod was out the lightning had stopped.
  9. I rode to work, returned around 1440 hrs. enjoying the lovely sun. Stepped out for a blat 15 min. later to be greeted by those ominous thunderclouds in the dark, brooding sky. So I just had to jump on the Gladiola. And what a soaking it was! Got drenched to the bone (y)

    Pity it didn't last that long.
  10. I rode to work, switched from backpack to tankbag, and forgot to take my wet weather gear out of my backpack.

    Was sunny, hot & nice blue sky went I went into a mates work around 2:30pm, I came back outside and it was bloody dark and cold. Gonna be fun on the way home - hasn't hit here too bad yte.
  11. Should be fine now, parker.
  12. Seems to be fine on northern Sydney now.
  13. Yeah, went back to blue skies, saw a few riders on the trip back.
  14. There's another one on its way. It's a fair way off yet, passing taralga now. But if you plan to ride in about an hour and a half keep an eye on it.
  15. hmm, get stuck in peak hr or ride through a monsoon

    seems like a no brainer
  16. drove the car to work and back for lunch. Looked like such fine weather so I rode the bike back after lunch, and parked it outside.

    Later that afternoon, i'm sitting watching the sky turn to night and the storm roll in. Goddamit, I even left the helmet attached to the bike.
  17. I rode.
    **** you BOM.
    You cant predict shit.
  18. raining?


    was nice and dry when I started riding at 7pm :p

  19. was nice and dry when i was riding at 8:15pm :)

    was just a freak storm, i looked at it from inside my comfy dry store, only lasted about 10 or 15 minutes. sky was BLACK! awesome :D