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WHO HOO bought my upgrade yesturday (now with photo)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chickibabe, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Well I must have begged enough :LOL: only joking. Bought my upgrade yesturday so now I'm the proud owner of a 2004 gs500f.. The only thing I have not ridden it :( . Hubby rode it home as the rain here in sydney is really bad and I have never ridden in rain. And even he like it so much he is saying it is our bike. He wishes that's all I can say. Now where can I hide those keys :LOL: Once I do my unrestricted next month the baby zeal will be sold. :cry: I'll post a photo as soon as I know how to. :oops:
    Well just had to spread the news and yes my face is hurting from smiling so much :grin:


  2. I love the mature age learner's scheme in NSW. Meant I could go straight to the bike I wanted!
    Have fun!

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. :woot:

    hope you enjoy your new bike
  4. Well done, and make him get his own if he likes it so much.
  5. Well he is thinking about it, one of his gsxr's have to go. So that is the problem as he like both of them :LOL:
  6. Congrats!!
  7. Congrats Chickbabe, was that the bike from Merrylands???
    It looked in good nick and sounded like it had all the papers to go along with it, log books, etc.
    Soooo jealous right now, i've just began my quest.
    Did you look at any other bikes around the area? Should i steer clear of any?
  8. It sure was sorry, sent you a pm
  9. Chickbabe,,,

    Actually rode the 06 GS500E today. Yah it was only a quick skirt but it was great. It was also pissing down rain, and its only about 2 weeks old,, but the bike responded very well!

    Great choice and enjoy!
  10. Congratulations. Happy riding
  11. Congrat's chickbabe!
  12. Have fun chickbabe it will be an awesome ride.
  13. Congrats on the new bike :applause:
  14. Re: WHO HOO bought my upgrade yesturday

    Congratulations on your new purchase Chickbabe \:D/

    When I decided to go naked ( :eek: ) I went back to a 250 (easier to resell) and got a Zeal. Loved that little bike, it handled great (until I blew it up).

    The GS is the next step up from it. Comfortable for the long rides and corners like a 250! I'm sure you are going to be very pleased with it and have many enjoyable rides.
  15. Thanks everyone for all the good wishes, I hear that there is to be sunshine in sydney by the end of week, will work in great with work lol. And counting the days.

    Cheers Lou
  16. congrats on the new bike, geez these gs500 are getting glowing reviews everywhere atm....
  17. Re: WHO HOO bought my upgrade yesturday

    Big congrats on the bike.
    Unless im totally reading it wrong, your waiting till your off restrictions till you ride it?
    Ive got to be reading it wrong i guess.
  18. No way could not wait that long lol. Once the weather clears up I'll go out on it, but I do my unrestricted next month. So until than I'll be riding both. Doing m.o.s.t test on the zeal as it is not faired and will be little easier I think.
    Cheers Lou
  19. Isn't that cute, its a mini photo. Looks tidy from what I can see though. Bit small can you fit on a bike that is 5cm x 5cm? jk Have fun on her. :grin: