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Who here is brand loyal?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JP, May 1, 2008.

  1. Is anyone here brand loyal? Find it hard to jump from different brands of motorcycles? Say for example your current motorbike was a Honda and you were after a new bike, would you just go looking at what new bikes Honda has out, or would you cross shop with the other brands? Opinions please!

  2. Unless you have a point to make (eg. you've spent the last coupla years of your life explaining why brand X is better than Brand Y) then why bother. ;)

    EDIT: Im not brand loyal yet. Thats not to say the first bikes i look at when i upgrade will be Kawasaki, purely because i know they work well.
  3. I'm starting to get that way. But for all 3 bikes I've bought I was equally excited about all the makes I was trying. I just happened to like the Hondas the best the last 2 times. ...and I didn't try a Honda the 1st time :? Seems that no matter how much I think I want the Suzuki or the Yamaha or... I test ride them and turns out I want the Honda. I guess Honda makes bikes just right for me :grin:
  4. Brand Loyal? Not in the slightest. :p
  5. Thats a classic pic Sean.. :LOL:

    I am not too fussed.. Have 2 Kwakas and the Gilera.

    Been looking at an R1 ... :twisted:
  6. My first bike was a Honda
    My current ride is a BMW.
    Only thing they have in common is they are both twins.
    I'm engine loyal rather than brand loyal.
    Just not a fan of inline 4's at all.
  7. Like the Holden Ford thing....never understood why not look at other options :?

    Although only one Jap bike in last five :shock: Would like to one day get an older classic, such as; Katana, Z1300 or more modern SP1 or 2
  8. i am :) honda because my family has hondas all their life has been reliable.
  9. Same ( -singles).
  10. i try not to be, i really dislike honda as a brand, but i've had 2 honda cars, a honda bike and will probably upgrade to another honda bike

    what can i say, they look good =/
  11. yeah i am brand loyal to what ever bike it is that i am riding at the time...the rest are just shit..... :LOL:
  12. I've owned about 30 bikes and they've been a mix of about 6 brands.

    I don't have any brand loyalty what so ever, however I don't like bikes that are too bland and smooth.

    Give me any bike where I can feel the motor working :)
  13. Well I've had, in order, a Yamaha, another Yamaha, a Kawasaki, a Honda, a Kawasaki, and now a Honda. so I guess I'm not. That said, despite my love for the three tuning forks way back then, my next bike will probably be a Honda (you meet the nicest people...)
  14. had 1 aprilia, hated it, since then 4 kawasakis and i love em to bits, so yeah id say im loyal to kawasaki!
  15. Until something better comes along!

    I started with a Honda VT250, then VF400, then VF750. Rode a friends Kawasaki GPX600 and loved it, got one of those, then rode another friends Ducati Pantah 600, really loved it (especially considering it was old technology at the time), then got a Ducati 750 sport and now Ducati 748. Cant ever see myself changing from the Duc, but ya never know.

    ps - recently rode a friends Harley, no risk of going in that direction!
  16. +1

    My biggest, baddest most optimest dream EVER is to own (and be able to ride) a 675 :p
  17. I was so hung up on BMW's for years. In particular the Brick (K series) not the boxer. There is no reason why that I can fathom, it just is that way.

    After the lovely old lady turned in front of me and the Beemer went to motorcycle heaven, I thought that it would replaced by another Beemer. I tried other bikes also, but wanted a Beemer. Unfortunately, the ones i could afford didn't cut the mustard. But the Honda did.

    So now have the ST1300 and...... dare I say it...... it is a better bike than the Beemer! (mind you it is 7 years younger!)

    So the answer is yes.... and no.


    Here she is (courtesy of Danielle's Happy Snaps)

  18. It's easy to get brand loyal if you've got a lot invested in a certain brand. Wheel sets that won't swap onto other marques (diff axle sizes and offsets), big $$ brakes that won't swap over onto another marque, upgraded forks or shock, spare bits and pieces - levers, filters, gaskets, seals, plastics that are useless on another marque. Then you've gotta get used to working on another brand again if you do your work yourself, or build a relationship with a new dealer if you go that way.

    Changing brand can be expensive if you've got all that shit in your shed, but you'd still do it if the incentive was there.
  19. Bombardier (!), Yamaha DT-100, Yamaha RZ-250, Yamaha RD-250, Honda CBX-550 (POS, but not really Honda's fault), Honda VT-250 Spada, Suzuki GSX400F, Suzuki GSF1200S Bandit.

    So nup, not particularly.

    I think one reason I've ended up with Suzukis has been the range of types. Leave aside their cruisers, which don't really interest me, and there's the GSXR-600, GSXF-650, GSXR-750, GSXR-1000, GSF-1250 (Bandit), GSXR-1300 (Hayabusa) and GSX1400. Several different styles and lots of options.
  20. Kwaka GPX250, Honda VT250, Suzuki GS500, Suzuki GSXR600, Honda VTR1000

    No loyalty as you can see, but I definitely think the Hondas were the best out of this lot as far as quality and build is concerned.