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Who here has never crashed?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by devochka, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. In the spirit of the saying; there are those that have had an off, and those that will... how many people here consider themselves an experienced rider and have never crashed?
    Do you think having a slide or some idiot pull out infront of you teach you valuable lessons?
    Is crashing inevitable?

  2. Ive only met one rider who hasnt had an off. I do think every daily rider is bound to have one eventually.
  3. People who havnt wont answer, might jinx them :)
  4. Well that's fvcking gay! Had intended to make a poll but after I finished typing in all the options, I'm only able to 'add a poll within 5 mins'!

    Goz can you add a poll for me?
  5. I have met a couple, after further in depth questioning, with the right questions,

    Bingo, lying bastards, hahahahahahahahaha

  6. nope :)
  7. I've been riding 15 years without a crash.

    But in the 20 years before that.........ouch.
  8. You can't or you shan't? :D

    Stupid vBulletin....
  9. I have had two offs. First not my fault, red light runner. Valuable lesson learnt - I am fukn vulnerable - now always slow down to check for red light runners if my vision is obstructed. This won't happen to me again.
    Second off, pedestrian runs in front of me - swerve to avoid her and bin it. Lesson learnt - I will plow straight over the next jaywalker!!

    So yeah, my crashes have definitely taught me valuable lessons which have made me a better rider. Is crashing inevitable? If you ride long enough I'd say yes
  10. It's probably a good chance you'll have an off if you right for long enough. For me 2.5 years of daily riding and so far so good.
  11. on or off road?
  12. had my first crash today, was rear ended by a p-plater, but i managed to stay on the bike (even tho the shunt was decent) so i suppose it doesn't classify as an "off" ;)
  13. I crashed a few times when I started riding: I was 9/10 at that time and riding my Dad's bike when he wasn't home. Learnt to ride properly when I was 11 (dad was an ex-bike cop and thought he could teach me properly himself)
    Last crash I had was when I was 16.
    Now 37 and never stopped riding.
    Touch Wood!
    The secret is to ride like everyone and everything is out to get you...'cos they are!!
  14. i have been low speed shunted from behind, but no "off" over my 17000 kms and hope to stay that way for a bit!
  15. I went nearly twenty years without one, but the record has suffered a bit in the last seven or eight years.

    Had the Lady Mac for 8,000 now, and haven't even had what I'd call a near miss yet.
  16. I have been riding for 10 years on scoots and 1 year on bike. Had 3 offs on scooters, none on bikes. Scooter offs were 1 hit from behind, 2 drivers pulling out in front of me. None so far on the bike, however I am pretty paranoid these days, which probably helps a lot.
  17. I went twenty smug years (and hundreds of thousands of kms) of crash free road riding then fell off recently on my daily 2km supermarket run to pick up some kitten milk late at night on an oil spill outside the bus depot in a suburban 50 zone. Unfortunately, it started halfway through the braking zone into a sharp S bend. Fortunately it started halfway through the braking zone so I'd already washed off most of my speed and almost caught it. Yes, I should have seen it -- yes, I'm an arse. :(

    I generally reserve all my regular crashing for the dirt. :)

    I met an 80 year old rider a while back who had just had his first off. I'm not sure if that proves anything. ;-)
  18. Well I'd gone about 5 yrs without actually crashing, but with a bagfull of very lucky escapes and close calls where I'd ridden it out. Prior to that I'd had several big ones 25-30 yrs ago.

    It IS possible to actively ride for alot of years without decking it, but I believe that fate catches up with you eventually. :)
  19. i reckon it'll happen one day - havn't had an off on a roadie but had 2 love taps, one in the front and one in the rear... :bannanabutt: managed to keep it up right and both times i was stantionary.

    definately checking my mirrors more now and even more wary of others on the road
  20. I've never had an off in about 3-4 years riding and ~70,000kms. Most of them are what id call hard kms aswell. I clipped a car while moving recently but stayed on it, that was a bit silly.