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Who here ever thought its just too much of a coincidence POE

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Dario77, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. I have been stoned for too long
    I Asked myself why
    I dont wana lie so - Il sit and speak crys
    I see a bloke named Jamaca hes from roound the block
    He lost all he loved now he sits on rock
    Then gina street from up the street
    Servin meat for meat
    cos her only real option is robbing men on heat
    I live in a room I can barely move
    My ex dam biatch turned to a prostitute
    Wonderin who I love
    And thinkin back to jack
    Like im living in denial I leave my shoes on the mat
    My families drugged n that
    I carrry tonnes of that


    Can you blame a brother feelin down
    The friends I meet they run the street and keep it down
    Lots of love for the brother
    Got a devil for my mother
    And my brother said he wants me and my bike to go down

    Wonder if you feel like me from time to time
    The reason being they take no time at all to rhyme
    Lots a phoney nerves in their spine
    Spittin trickin dissin and straight missin the friend they got
    Revenge I make it last for all of time

    I know youd rather sit and hear a higher note
    Id like to help you
    They broke the moat
    On my Island theres no boat
    All a brother really have is hope
    From a room thats full of smoke
    Your weakness I can revoke
    Sell me your soul
    i give control
    In the ropes il show you
    The shit we deal with on the daily
    the fcukin laws will wana know you

    Cant wait till im in heaven to see my go through
    The fcukin shit makes your soul not wana help you
    But its the world we face
    A friggin rat race
    This life is hell and I damn cant wait to change it.
  2. Word UP, homie.
  3. Spot the obvious contradiction here :roll:.
  4. heh see what you feel like hornit