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Who hates that Meadownik Dancing eyes ad?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. The one with that annoying music and the wrinkled eyeballs of that smug looking woman.
    There is actually a hate group on facebook for this ad and one of the comments made me laugh
    "I saw this ad once and it made me never watch t.v again. Then I couldn't shakle the feeling that I might see it by accident so I had my surgeon friend remove my retinas. I'm using a brail monitor and keyboard to type this"

    and this:
    "She is the smuggest smug woman ever to be on TV...She probably drives a hybrid car and loves the smell of her own farts!"

  2. whats wrong with smelling your own farts :?: :shock: :grin:
  3. Oh My God Yes! Worst ad ever! Go on, think about it... name a worse one?

    Thrilled to hear there is a hate group on Facebook - so that site is actually good for something! I might sign up just to join that group.

    The main question in my mind is: How much did some advertising/marketing GENIUS get paid to concieve that ad? Production costs are close to zero, so the money must have gone somewhere. I hope someone has since been fired for that.
  4. Can anyone find me a link? Obviously don't get it over here and not sure what I'm looking for?
  5. Sacked?????

    You bought the wrong acid mate.

    The fact that there is a "hate group" and that you are discussing it here means that the campaign manager was successful when creating that ad.

    People are talking about it, therefore the ad has worked.

    Deal with it.
  6. Any publicity is good publicity.....and smee even quoted the clients name. We now have people in Canada wanting to see this ad.
    This campaign has really worked.
  7. It has negative consequences now.
    There is NO way I would get my eyes lasered at their premises because of that ad
    As for Dougz and Canada it's only Temporary so get that bee out of your bonnet 2up.
  8. Bring back Tuckerbag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It's obviously a Victoria-only advert?

    I LOVE the new Pepsi max 'Octopus' advert
  10. I just became a silent member of the group, even though I'm not on facebook.

    Seriously, it make me cringe, but I can't look away...... it's seriously f**ked up...... I had actually forgotten what the ad was advertising!
  11. Im a huge hater of this ad... cant stand the woman on there!!

    I also hate the new subway ad, and have vowed not to eat subway until this ad campaign is over.
  12. I'm with Smee. Just because it's generating discussion and we are talking about it does NOT make it a successful ad. In my view the ad is a poor reflection on the company, and if I was in the market for laser eye surgery I would not trust it to a company that peddles such drivel as advertising. If that's what their standards are like for marketing why would their product be any better?

    I'm pretty sure it is a Vic only ad, as my partner in NSW has no idea what I am getting annoyed about.
  13. All this talk about an ad campaign...the agency must be very happy.
  14. The agency is ecstatic but meadownik will be kicking themselves for allowing that drivel.
  15. It's all about Brand Recognition in the market place.
    Artistic merit and quality have little to do with it.

  16. Study marketing much?
    Nagative connotations are more powerful than positive ones when it comes to BAD advertisements.

    People attribute the meadownik brand as something to avoid due to that ad.
  17. Grasshopper,
    You have much to learn about advertising and how the human mind works.
    It's time for you to leave.....

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  18. Anyone remember the Eric Planinseks commercial back in the 80's?

    You know the one,



    230 brunswick street,

    230 brunswick street fitzroy,


    remember eric,

    remember eric planinseks,

    remember eric planinseks winter sale.

    it was the most annoying ad of its time but 20 years on and people can still remember it.
  19. Is he still around?
  20. Let's not forget Saba furniture..
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