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Featured Who has the Kawasaki Z300 or the Ninja 300

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by oldkat, May 10, 2015.

  1. I am hoping someone on here can help me out as i am thinking of getting one of these 2 bikes for commuting and for the boys to learn to ride on if they so wish. I am after some honest feedback on either of these in the 2014 or 2015 models.Thanks for any feedback.
    cheers oldkat

  2. All I can add is that the Ninja 300 has been Australia's top selling road bike for the last two years. The new Z300 is exactly the same bike minus fairings and its slightly more upright in it's riding position.

    The Z300 is $5,999 + ORC , Ninja 300 is $6,199 + ORC and the Ninja 300 30th Special Edition is $6,899. I think the Z300 is a bargain as a rank beginner bike. I was thinking about it for myself until I get off my L's (returning rider) but I am too heavy!!

    There are a lot of Ninja riders on the site so I am sure they will give you some feedback.
  3. get a cbr300r because it is way cheaper.

    plus every learner man and his learner dog has a ninja 300, so all the nerbs that are crashing their bikes are on ninja 300's. the insurance rate for the ninja 300 is pretty high
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  4. I've put about 25000 km on my 300 in 17 months and its been rock solid, never missing a beat. Not too bad to insure, although I am a bit older (and allegedly wiser ;) ). Its pretty forgiving for when you're just starting out, but has enough top-end to keep you amused once you've gained a bit of experience. I've very recently got myself a sexy Daytona, but I'll be keeping the 300 to commute on. I think if you see either a supersport, or sport tourer in your immediate post-LAMS future, you should definitely consider it.
  5. I only got my Ls in late March and I purchased a 2013 Ninja 300 - no ABS which I was a little concerned about but it means I practice practice practice braking. I love my Ninja - it's not too heavy that I have to focus on that instead of the riding, it's certainly takes off quick and it's comfortable. I went second hand as I remembered my first car and the dints and scratches it got in my first year of driving - ha ha ha. I haven't dropped it in my driveway as yet (I've heard the stories) but I have had a tap up the ass with a hummer which made me come off and the bike was still good. Now I am learning and practising how to feel confident enough to give it the juice and get away from assholes like that in the future and my Ninja is certainly up to the challenge :)
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  6. cheers for the reply, i am an older rider have had my open bike license for 28 years so insurance etc won't be a problem, its mainly to see if they have any mechanical drama or not but as u gave clocked up the km's it seems they are reliable and that's what im after.
    cheers oldkat
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  7. I'm a new rider who is on a Ninja 300 SE ABS which I picked up with low kms for just a shade under 4.5k.....haven't regretted it at all.

    I was originally not into faired bikes, but the little ninja has really grown on me.

    I currently commute to and from work every day on the ninja, approx 30km each way into Brisbane city. Absolutely love riding this thing to work. So much so, that while looking at bigger non-lams bikes I'm starting to want something relatively small and agile to keep the commute easy. Can't see myself commuting on a litre bike or big cruiser. For interests sake I'm starting to get very keen on the CBR650F. Seems to fit what I want quite nicely, though an extra 15hp would have been nice. :)

    Fantastic bike to learn on, very confidence inspiring. My advice would be, given there are literally so many of them around and they are the 'go to' LAMS bike, a lot of people I reckon get excited to ride, buy a bike and in a few months realise they're not up for it and flog it off cheap. I test rode the Z300 and really liked it, though these days I'm leaning more towards fairings for practical reasons.

    In saying that, this is by far the and consistently the cheapest place to buy a kwaka that I've seen....they're all ride away prices. For that price I very nearly just bought a rand new one.

  8. Yeah, definitely been very reliable. The only problems I've had were a blown headlight & indicator bulb (easily fixed, but have to take the fairing off to do it easily - about 20 minutes work). It starts first go without any drama.

    The only real negatives I found would be that the stock tyres don't give you great feedback on the edges, so if you're doing regular twisties, you might want to consider more upmarket rubber. The fuelling off idle in the low gears can be a little jerky, although it does teach you good throttle control! I don't think this is really a 300 problem, more like a small-displacement parallel twin problem though.
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  9. Ninja 300 is the new VTR 250 as the best all round learner bike. I sold my ninja 250 after 6 months as its was getting stale to ride. Bought a second hand 300 for not much more and will last me till my full license in October, already clocked 1,500 kms on it and still very satisfied. Throttle is jerky as mentioned above but nothing a steady hand can't fix. I threw out the stock tyres as chucked on Pirelli sport demons on there. Much better for twistes and good commuting. Shop around and try to find one for 3.5 - 4k.
  10. My wife has one as her first bike. Easy to learn on and fun enough to keep for a while. Handles well and slipper clutch is good for noobs as well. Insurance will be almost nothing, think ours is around $250 a year.
  11. Ninja 300 is a good bike. Easy to handle and learn on, easy to source parts as well if you drop it or any issues come up.
  12. cheers everyone for your replies i have found 2014 brand new for $5700 which is not a bad deal with full factory warranty etc and on road costs chucked in so seriously thinking this is the way to go.
    cheers oldkat
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  13. Wow! Great price :)
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  14. That's an amazing price. I would take it if it was me. 5700 walk away. nice.
  15. Well i ended up getting a 2015 ninja 300 non abs with 3 months rego and full tank of 98 ultimate for $5790 so bargain.I picked it up yesterday after test riding one on thursday arvo and said yep i'll take one and they got a brand newie ready by lunch on friday so yay.I love it and cant wait to run her in and give some stick as it feels like it could b a bit of a surprise packet if ridden smoothly and in the upper rev range.
    cheers oldkat
  16. Definitely where the money's at. :sneaky: There's a nice little bump in torque around 7500 too.

    +1 to the Sport Demons as well. Much better than stock.
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  17. oldkatoldkat I have a 2014 ninj 300 great bike, handles just about everything, forgives just about everything but, a big but, is that it lacks the torque for open road overtaking at speed. Just doesn't quite have it in that department. But for a rider of my low skill level mean diddly squat at present.
    Done just shy of 11,000 km in 9 months so not that much riding but no real issues.
    The stock pipe on them is crap and if you didn't have lights showing in the instrument panel I wouldn't have known the bike was running...but I am old so that may explain a bit...
    Good luck with your ninj!
    Q3ArenaQ3Arena I am a huge (not sharing numbers) and the ninj copes with my ballast so don't think you are too heavy. Just kills off the top end speed can't get her past a $1.60 for love, money or stupidity :(
    Oh a no pillion will ever be on with me-would scrape the tail on the tyre !
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  18. I've managed to get a more recent photo of me. Are you sure the 300 will be ok? ;)

    Fat Biker 2.
  19. Of course! Takes my load no probs.
    If that is you in your avatar, you need to get your eyes checked ASAP...can't see any size issues there Mr Q3ArenaQ3Arena! :)
  20. The tassles on the end of the handlebar is what does it.......that mod alone must be a conservative 50hp gain ...
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