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Who has RM gear? who decided not to get RM gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Coconuts, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. www.rmgear.com.au
    just trying to get some feedback for craig (anyone that knows him knows he's not exactly PC literate enuff to do so himself :LOL: )

    what i want to do here is just get an idea of what people think of this stuff. if you have any feedback, good or bad, i would like to hear it. any suggestions, critisisms, flamage, death threats ( :eek:hno: ) i would also like to hear, you cant improve if everyone tells you your doing a bang up job :LOL:

    this hasn't been spurred on by anything, i'm just curious as to what people think of the stuff. even if you havn't bought from him i'd like to hear comments....

    what do you think of the build quality? (stitching, zips etc)

    what do you think of the materials quality?

    have you tested your gear at any point, and if so, how well did it protect you?

    what do you think of the current designs?

    do you think the current range is adequete?

    is the website up to scratch? (be gentle, i made that :oops: :LOL: )

    what do you think of the communications and service?

    what do you think he should be doing that he's not? (and dont say lower the prices :p anyone thats bought from him knows how concrete they are :LOL: )

    i think thats it, but i might add to it later. if there are any genuine concerns, leave an e-mail address for me to follow it up, but still post up here so others can see :grin:

    thanks in advance peoples :woot:
  2. The prices of the gear seem pretty reasonable.

    A bit more info on the individual items when you click the pictures wouldn't hurt. The leather pants for example.
  3. Awesome for the price. I've put my jacket through basically daily wear, in all weather conditions, and it looks brand new. No loose threads, no zipper issues, no fraying of the stitches, nada.

    Leather is good, nice and heavy.

    10/10. Legs were a bit beaten up but upper body was 100% unaffected. Jacket didn't even get scratched/scuffed from the slide/roll.

    I haven't seen them in the flesh.

    Variety is good, but I'm a picky little biatch.

    It's fantastic :) More product photos would be good.

    My transaction went flawlessly.

    Moving closer to civilisation :)

    What do I win? :p

  4. I'd lose the counter! As a customer I have no interest in that 'data' and it's a little 1995 really... :wink:

    Otherwise it looks pretty good to me...a _lot_ better than many of his rivals sites. :grin:

    EDIT - It would also be better to just comment out the "contact" form if it's not currently usable.
  5. We'll be working on the pictures and info a bit more sometime soon, i basically threw that together just to get the site up and happening. once my new kids have settled and i have a bit more time, we'll be getting together and doing some better pics of all the stuff thats in stock. the small pics will have to do tho for the time being on anything thats noit stocked...

    1995!! why, thats THE year isn't it?? :LOL:
    i only keep it there for my own use really, just to see what sorta hits we're getting quickly. can make it smaller tho if you think it'll help the layout?

    and will do with the contact (and feedback) form. i've left it there because i was testing it and i guess i was hoping that somehow some kinda magic internet fairy might come along and fix it for me :p :p

    you win..... a new laptop!!!!!!!!!!! ok, its an old laptop, a very old laptop.... but its new to you :wink:

    getting other people in other areas in on the whole thing is an idea that i've toyed with, but havn't bothered mentioning to craig yet because i know his volume is still probably too small to bother doing that yet. but i garauntee that as soon as he becomes a billionaire from this, he'll start passing it around a bit :LOL:

    thanks heaps guys, its all for the greater good :grin:
  6. Craig is excellent on the email replys.. I am going through the process now of getting a jacket..

    I think the biggest problem is the inability to get a good view of the products.. and to have some sort of shopping cart process to go through. If these were implemented i am sure the sales would increase (if he needs anymore). I would of liked to buy some gloves too.. but the pictures simply arent good enough and I cant confidently order them.

    I am a web host and am very familiar with oscommerce carts.. I would gladly knock up a cart and host it for a year in exchange for some gear.. Ill even throw in a SSL certificate for the year :grin:
  7. is the Monster jacket the same as the Scorpion Tattoo jacket?
  8. as above, the pics and info will improve once i have some time on my hands again. this just makes me realise a little more just how important good pics are. the cart is being looked into right now, you're confirming more of my thoughts :grin: if you're able to go see him, do so, the gloves wont dissapoint. otherwise, drop him an email asking for better pics, he should be able to take a photo for you...

    and we'd take you up on that offer, but someone else has already jumped on board with hosting and he's currently looking into the cart thing for us too. :wink:

    :grin: that was an RM jacket well before it was a scorpion jacket. craig and chris started scorpion together while craig was stll running RM but they had a difference of opinions and went their seperate ways after a little bit... they sold some of the same stuff for a little while but i'm pretty sure chris is using a different manufacturer now...
  9. Probably yes. I have spoken with chris from SRG and he has designed a new jacket to replace the tattoo jacket so that the designs will be identifited as his and give him his own image. I have posted pics of it in two other threads. The most recent one being the one about Vic's Jacket.
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  11. thought so. even though i bought the jacket from Chris it's been excellent so far. went for a slide down the road in and it was barely even scufffed :grin:

    only a couple of suggestions:

    - seeing as though it's not vented, a removable lining would be tops
    - the shoulder armour pokets need to be tighter. when i put the jacket on the shoulder armour always falls down - it's easay enough to put in in place and once i zip up it's not going anywhere but it's a bit of a hassle.
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  13. This weekend I promise :)

    Damn, I was looking for one too! Awesome! ;)

    Something central/north would be good, whoopwhoop is a long way to travel ;)

  14. real world tests are always fun :shock: good to hear it worked for you :wink:

    i actually wouldn't mind seeing ALL his jackets come similar to the dyno jacket in that sense. that has zip vents and a removable liner, its really a top jacket. stick those same features into other jackets and i reckon its a winner :grin:

    and the armour is changing, but i'm not 100% sure what he's doing at this point. i personally think that permanent armour is the way to go, but thats just my opinion, any feedback on this would be great? otherwise, yeah i can have a look at the pockets, are they just too long are they? (thats what i gather from your description)

    thanks again :grin:
  15. yeah, i know :roll:

    :p nah, you're a good fairy, you wave that magic wand whenever you get a chance mate, you know i'm not one of your big nasty "do it now or else" clients :wink:

    i know, i know, it is a bit of a pain. but at the moment, setting up else where or employing reps just isn't really on the cards because of the fairly small volume. if/when things pick up tho, its definately on the cards, possibly for interstate buyers aswell...
  16. I've been emailing Craig too, to find out more about a few things. He's been fairly quick at replying emails (mind you, have only received 1 back from him so far!)

    At the moment I'm interested in possibly getting a pair of gloves (the Stainless maybe?) and a jacket for winter, as I recon my Dririder DriMesh would be far too cold for riding in winter.

    As has been voiced before, I think more pictures would help greatly. Other than that, the prices look good, and the products look good in the photos. Variety is nice, but variety would probably bump prices up higher, and the current selection looks alright as it is anyway.

    Website is fine, enhancements as has been listed above would be nice, but I think more pictures would be the #1 thing.

    I think my main concern about buying from RMGear at the moment is sizing, and I'm hoping Craig would be able to help me out further with this. The last thing I want to do is to buy gear and find out that it doesn't fit me...
  17. you're right - they're too long. i've fixed them by adding some stitches (and at the same time removed in the back some so my dainese back protector would fit in) :twisted:
  18. so a sizing chart would be a big help then? i've been meaning to mention that to him but it keeps slipping my mind :?

    another thing is that he will do exchanges/refunds if gear doesn't fit. its a bit of a runaround i guess, but at elast you know you wont be stuck with something that doesn't fit...
  20. coconuts: that's good to know. I asked in my email, but he didn't answer that question (I asked a few) so I wasn't sure.

    matti: heh, yes I know. Which is why at the moment there's a big debate going on in my head - is Ipswich cold enough to warrant "winter" gear? Or is "heavy summer" gear enough? I've been riding with the waterproof liner in my Drimesh (to block the wind) but at night it's still cold - I do a lot of highway riding...

    But I'm fairly sure I'm going to need different gloves, as currently I also have mesh gloves, and my hands FREEZE at night!