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Who has riden/owns a TL1000S? - Thoughts Please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Beefcake, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I am interested to hear from anyone who owns or has riden a TL1000S. I was originally planning on getting an SV1000S but the old TL has a certain charm about it.

    No doubt we have all heard the "horror" stories floating around, about the rotary damper/spring that were originally brought out on these bikes. I have the impression it comes down to how you treat/handle the bike??

    Anyway all that aside I would love to know what you think of these bikes. A magazine reviewer once said that this bike was underated and that everyone should have a ride on one. Is it true they have more power than the SV1000?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I don't own one, but my two main riding buddies both do, and I have ridden with them for sometime now and also ridden both their TL's
    Both of them have never had any problems with either of their bikes.

    I know that they both took their time and shopped around till they found a good example. I know that there has been some talk about the rear dampener etc, but I, nor them, have anything negative to say about the bike at all.
  3. C'mon!...........Surely there's more TL/V-Twin lovers out there?! :grin:
  4. hey beefcake. from what i know the tl had issues with front forks. nice bike though and an awesome veetwin.

    my advice go check a cagiva raptor 1000. same veetwin, but better spec components and better frame and package overall. quite a few for sale second hand as well and they are awesome to ride. :cool:
  5. or a little different a v-raptor... :cool:


    standard raptor...

  7. TLS

  8. i rode one for a day once, at the time i was friends with a guy at a well known city store who brought various bikes home for the weekends and used to pass them off to me for the weekends. point being is at the time id ridden pretty much every bike around at the time in the sport/sports tourer class, when i got ton the TL1000s i couldnt wait to get off. i didnt notice anything that had been mentioned before (the steering dampner was a recall on all TL1000s due to front end stability) but it was just a pig to ride it didnt handle well at all the forks felt like they were 3 metres adn it was slow. the power delivery and sound is excellent but other than that i hated it.

    i remember thinking at the time though that they would be a fantastic bike to go into the city to cafes ect with a pillion just cos of the power and the sound and the size.

    thats my two cents
  9. well seems like there are plenty of Vtwin lovers... but not many TL's.

    i remember riding my mates one. hey only kept it for 11 months. but compared to my Jemma. it certainly did handle poorly. but i think like all bikes you can only compare with what you know.

    very recently i put the SV650 up against the raptor650. certainly no comparison there either... Cagiva was better packaged and better handling hands down.