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who has pet birds?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ronin11, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. im thinking of geting a cockateil and was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with them? ive had dogs all my life but the only experience ive ever had with pet birds is a mate had one that didnt really like me all that much.

    how hard are they to train and keep? and what are the maintenence issues like? feeding habits?
    ive been reading a bit on the interweb, but id like to hear from people with experience too..

  2. They are no way hard to have, if you get two babies at the same time they wont be as obedient to you as opposed to gettin one at a time and having it around you most of the time, if they have a wing clipped when you get it its better so if you let it walk around outside or somthin they cant really go no where and they become dependant so they stay around, i got 2 budgies which walk around like pets outside, just dont throw them in a cage and leave them there forever u know what i mean, and watch out for their shits on the carpet
  3. They males are easier to train than the females.
    In the wild, the males mimmick the females unique "song" so they can tell which bird is their partner, this is why males are easier to train to talk than the females.( if he comes home singing a new song she turns on him, much like humans hahaha)
    The males usually have a much brighter coloured orange spot on the side of the face.
    They can get noisey if you keep them indoors, and they throw their seed around making a big mess...lol.
    Other than that, I miss not having a bird around, they do become quite attatched to you if you spend lots of one on one time with them as babies.

    It is no longer legal to buy a bird with clipped wings, find a private breeder and get them to show you how, or PM once you get a bird and I will do it for you :)

    Just don't call your bird "Elvis" cos if it gets out, and you go looking for it, calling its name and looking skyward does make people in your neighbourhood think your looney and call the cops on you :wink:
    (yes that happened to me)
  4. Man my friends pet Galah bit one of my other friends on the ear and she cried. It wasn't good cause we all pissed ourselves laughing and she was crying.

    But this Galah has bonded with the one person and it doesn't like anyone else. Its kinda scary. I have a 75kilo dog and I am scared of this bird more than I am scared of my dog. Even when my dog has a monster bone in his mouth. Birds are scary! And it kinda hurts when this galah bites you!
  5. i've got one..and a budgie too.

    if you get one...you HAVE to spend time with it...they get lonely otherwise and depressed and that never ends well for the bird :(

    mine is a female 9wanted amale though for reasons Caz posted above.

    But she's gorgeous and i love her to bits. spends time out of the cage each day and sits on everyones shoulders.

    simple to look after you just have to dedicate some time each day to the bird and you'll get along fine.

    If you are hand rearing though it can be a handful as they need feeding ever few hours which isn't really great if you work. My sister actually breeds them but she mostly has white ones with very few markings at all.

    oh and as for biting.. nope mine gets antsy if she feels like she's being neglected. Easily solved by going back in the cage....She loved being out so she gets the message soon enough.

    Beware any one with jewelry!! The birds love it and will pull ear/nose rings out without a problem!!!
  6. Ronin, you should have been at Southbank coffee tonight, this subject came up. We have a couple of male cockatiels in our aviary out the back and about a month ago we bought another male cockatiel and male budgie who share an inside cage quite happily. They both came with clipped wings, hence why they are still inside. Although I think Dave has become quite fond of the cockatiel so I dunno if he will end up outside in the aviary or not :? :wink:
    Males are so easy to train, our one already imitates us but he doesn't liked being caged and lets us know when he wants out.
    I want to get some females and breed them. We seem to have gotten all males (budgies and cockatiels) so it gets pretty noisy at our place when they all get started :LOL:
  7. im due to drop in to a friday night... havent been in ages.

    ive been reading alot.. seems cockateils, although not classified as such, are pretty possesive birds, and dont appreciate sharing your attention with other people.. id prefer having a male, cause i want to teach it t swear, and to say "oh i know" but apparently its hard to sex the bird before its first major molt.. so really, its get what you get and deal with it.. kind of amusing though, i get a bird, name i say.. george... nancy... and find out its the opposite sex.. does the bird get gender identification issues? is there such thing as an avian psychologist??
  8. My first budgie was named "Merlin" and ended up becoming a "Merlina"
  9. I have a female cockatiel...... called Hamish. :LOL:

    Really wanted a fella but not to be... no easy way to turn Hamish into a girls name so she's stuck with it.
  10. I bought a Princess Parrot (male) for my girlfriend on her birthday, worse pet ever.

    I wish I'd bought her a cockatiel

  11. well, theres the problem.. the bird was born into sexual identification issues! :LOL:
  12. Ha ha ha ha, the answer was in front of me the whole time!!