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who has never fallen off?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gibbler, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. yes

  2. no

  3. I've dropped the bike at low speed eg @ servo, forgot the stand etc

  1. reading the posts seems many members have had offs, posters particularly seem to tell Learners to buy a POS as they will crash/drop the bike....

    so who has never had an off, how long have you been riding and what do you put it down to (luck, skill, being aware, riding defensively)

  2. If you're going to ride........
  3. Been riding on the road since 1992. From 92-2007 probably only rode about 4 weekends a year on BMW K100's. Rentals or friends bikes.

    Since April got my own BMW K1100 that I use as a commuter. 50km round trip up the South Eastern to the city as well as doing some weekend trips.

    Fortunately never had an off and happy to keep it that way.

    Grew up on a farm and rode ag bikes where had plenty of offs in paddocks due to crazy cows changing direction, not seeing pot holes and pushing th ebike a bit hard in the Gravel Pit!

    I credit my lack of road bike offs to having done the beginner and intermediate HART courses, using skills I got on the Ag bikes and also not being an ultra agressive rider.

    You could say I am a boring fart - I could live with that! May not be that true tho :wink:
  4. If y'aint crashed, you're not going fast enough ;)
  5. I ride a BMW - I have a doddery old bugger reputation to uphold! :LOL:
  6. Luck, skill and a conservative nature would all be required to keep you upright indefinitely. Take away any of those and it'd be a matter of time (or a matter of minutes).

    I voted yes btw.
  7. Does it count if you haven't had a tumble on "Tarmac" ?

    Had a few offs while riding on dirt, not as bad as on the road but still bloody hurt.
  8. Makes about as much sense as "You're not a real shooter unless you've shot yourself" :)

    I don't think riding and crashing are mutually inclusive. (he says, desperately looking for a piece of wood to touch). :grin:
  9. Statistics. The more kms you do the more likely you will have an off. Everyday riders will typically have more skills as they more experience and have to deal with ultra random cagers trying to kill them, but will still have a stack every now and again because they do alot of kms and despite counter measures, you're cant always be in control of the situation.
  10. 55,000 kms under my belt in 22 months and no offs. :)
    I have however forgotten to put the stand down one day and the bike fell onto the woodchips of the garden bed I was parked next to(no damage to the bike, just my pride a bit dinted :oops: )
  11. On the tarmac - one off, hit from behind whilst stationary at Russell Roundabout in 2003. Hand on my heart, I would have to put it down to a negligent driver, and riding through what I now know to be a black-spot intersection. Nothing I can think of besides not being there could have stopped it, hand on heart.

    On the dirt - have been riding since I was 4 years old. Oh so very many crashes, almost entirely at lower speeds though, and I can't recall one that gave any injury that lasted more than a day or two.
  12. You can lob tennis balls into the other side of the court all day, but with any sort of enthusiasm you're bound to fire a few into the back fence from time to time. Better analogy?

    Riding like a nancy is boring.
  13. I ride hard enough to have a fat time, but safe enough to go home every day to my wife.

    I've dropped my big girl three times, all while stationary. Damn, she's heavy! :grin:
  14. on my 250 i had a slip in the rain (too much front brake!!!) but that was it, on my 636 i never had a slip once, and i used to ride that thing in a spirit manner!

    I think if your always aware of wats around then u will be right
  15. i used to have a FZR1000, with a worked donk. it was pumping out 160BHP to the back wheel. it was like a big 2 stroke, nothing below 6,000rpm but if you took off over 8,000rpm you'd have trouble keeping the front end down. much more and the back end would just start smoking.

    i had a accdent rate of once every 2 weeks for a while.

    man i loved that bike. it was all about having fun......at very hi speed. :grin:
  16. bingles

    I think if you have had no offs or bingles you are very fortunate.I have had 3 incidents with minimal damage to myself or my steed. Bikes need to be respected because they can bite without warning. we all know that. If you lapse in concentration,ya gunna come a croppa. pure and simple.
  17. 3 times, all at low speed...or no speed :oops:

    Twice in the driveway, once in the middle of a busy intersection.

    After riding off and on for nearly 2 years, then three months straight wherever I went when I had no car...I think i've done pretty well :grin:
  18. Never had an off riding on road.

    Had PLENTY riding offroad.

    I've crashed enough off road to NEVER want to crash on road.

    I think that dirt riding does wonders for bike control and understanding the mechanics of riding. I am sure that if more riders started with dirt riding they'd have far fewer issues when they get on the sealed stuff.
  19. Been riding since Feb-07 and had my first real off in august. Hurt like hell, but hey I'm alive.

    I guess having an off really comes with the territory of riding a bike. Its not a case of if you will have an off, but when you will have an off. Quite often it doesnt take much to come off.

    And any BMW/Guzzi rider that tells you they had an off is lying. The bikes physically cannot tip due to the extra wide engine casings. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. I haven't come off, haven't come close, even when learning.

    At low speeds, if in doubt, both feet out.
    At high speeds, eyes up, look where you are going, prepare for the corners, be cautious.
    At ridiculous speeds, wear full leathers, do it on a track.

    My cousin came off, my aunt and uncle lost a son.
    My brother came off, spent a couple of days in hospital, a couple of weeks in pain, and six months getting driven around by everyone else.

    Live to Ride, Ride to Live