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Who has more than one bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by StRider, May 13, 2008.

  1. I ride the blackbird, and it's great for touring and two-up, but I also love track days and whilst you can certainly do them on the bird I much prefer the feel of a sport bike.

    Yet I don't really want to give up on the comfort, two-up and carrying capacity of the bird generally. So I'm thinking about buying a second bike ... but for some reason having TWO bikes bothers me. I dunno, it feels a little too indulgent.

    Who has two bikes? If so, do you find that you're using both or does one just sit there all alone?
    Have you bought a second bike? What have you learnt about the process that will save me from learning the hard way?

    Cheers, ride safe.
  2. have two bikes, but only because i am very reluctant to actually sell the firestorm, but needed a bike with better fuel consumption for a ride coming up in august, so went and got one

    i still frequently use the storm, in fact i have done more kays on it, then the gixxer since i purchased it
  3. mmm, i got the VTR because it can commute, scratch and tour two up. (the new girl friend had absolutley no complaints about comfort after a shortish ride, 2 1/2 hours, pretty good since that was her first ride i thought). im also told by numerous people it can more than hold its own on the track. so there was no need to get a racer with lights aswell :grin:

    but i can tell from currently owning 2 bikes and for about 6 months owning 3, the biggest hassel i found was that i was forever servicing, fixing, etc one of them, or paying rego, or oh bugger dont tell me the insurance is about to expire on the 250, fark. i was just forever putting my hand in my pocket to pay for the three of them. i was also finding it a pain in the arse juggling them in the garage, i was running out of room, especially when one of them was in pieces and bike bits and tools were EVERYWHERE. mind you i was riding all of them ALOT. and having a shitload of fun. but all good things come to an end i guess.

    my other bike at the moment is an XR4 which i keep for going up to mums property because id walk the 40kms along the goat track to get there before taking the storm off road. and its still in bits (need a new auto decomp) cause i just havnt had time to fix it.
  4. Four bikes here. One for every occasion. With another on the way.
  5. It is not possible to have too many bikes
  6. yep 2 here and maybe considering a 3rd.....but all quite different.....have the sv for daily, weekend and touring, have a r6 just for the track (no rego), and toying with the idea of a dirtbike for those dirty weekends away.....but who knows maybe the sv will go and replace it with a motard style :?

    So all in all, rego costs aren't huge for me.....building a shed larger enough to house 3 bikes, well thats another story :LOL:
  7. Indulgent...whilst plenty of locals have a few options for riding, you should see some of the Yanks sheds :shock:

    Have a Husky TE610, tried the motard thing but it's hard work to tour on. Sold the wheels and tyres (lost a few hundred) and put towards an older Beemer. Much more relaxed riding, yet not much slower, and more secure luggage capacity.

    And since I've had the BMW, on road rides are starting to become a bit more common, but nice to still have the option of the big dirt bike if needed.
  8. I had 3 at one time

    I have 2 now, ones a dirt bike
  9. At last we've discovered the reason for global warming right here in PP's garage
  10. StRider, I've 3 bikes (road, track & trail) and constantly play with the idea of a motard again to make it 4 just for fun.

    The key for me was to buy each bike with the right mindset......as in up front not exaggerating my intended use nor underestimating depreciation.

    Pushing Blackbird around Oran is ok but not as much fun as a dedicated track bike or motard.

    My 2c.

  11. 1 bike and 1 what's left of a bike. Will more than likely be adding another in the form of a cafe racer project, wouldn't mind adding a dirtbike as well.

    Also have 2 cars, one of which I really should get rid of, or swap for something more practical (like a small 4wd with a towbar).
  12. i once heard a man say 'Motorcycles are like harem girls - you can never have to many'
  13. I currently have 2 bikes, at times in the past I've had 4.

    I find having only one bike means that I end up owning a bland sports/tourer because that's the only type of bike that can handle 'ok' the different mix of riding I do.
  14. 5 here roady (zx14), tracky and scratching (R1), motorcross (yz426) and a couple of chook-chasers. You can't have to many bikes!
  15. 3 here Guzzi for weekends , MZ for getting to work , Italjet scooter for the wife and hopfuly something vintage soon
    As everyone keeps saying you can never have to many bikes
  16. Unfortunately I can only ride one at a time! :wink:
  17. Aww come on - don't tell me you don't warm them all up at the same time on occasions when you want to piss off the neighbours? :LOL: that's got to be half the benefit of having so many :p

    Bah...I'm just jealous...I'd have 10 if somehow money grew on trees and I could then afford to keep everything registered and insured *sigh*
  18. I've got a mountain bike as well as my motorcycle... does that count? :p

    Couple of cages too...

    Do whatever you'd like to do and can afford, StRider :)
  19. Indulgent?

    Bah, I've got two dedicated supermoto race bikes at the moment and they're still worth less than a brand new commodore. I'd love to add a few more bikes to that too, maybe a 400 or a 2 smoke 250 to road race and an MX bike for practice.
  20. Heh, same here.. well, only one cage. I have a tandem garage (two car spaces nose-to-tail) so for a while it was like Tetris; I'd park the car or bike in with the other, only to need the 'trapped' one half an hour later. :p

    That was until I realised that if I parked the car all the way to the left side of the garage, I can leave the car in place and practice filtering past traffic every time I get the two-wheelers out from behind the car! ;)

    I say 'go for it', ST. :)