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Who has modified their Daytona675??

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by spazzy, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys

    Just got my brand spanking new daytona and about to take it in for forst service. anyway.

    Many things i would like to do to the thing to make it an distinctive looking daytona.

    heres the plan:

    jardine slip on will be done with first sevice.

    -Full HID lights system or Xenon gas bulbs. i'm leaning more towards the bulbs as research shows they are pretty much 'plug and play' items whereas HID require ballast etc... thoughts???

    -I also want to change the two little corner lights to LEDs. (anything in particualr i should be looking out for?)

    -Also want to change to a dual low beam rather than the single low beam (i have no clue on how to do this).

    -Want to get rims painted (gold). does anyone know where and how much?? i've herd of the place in spotswood. has anyone got experience to share??

    thanks in advance for advice and input.
  2. jump over to triumph675.net and you will find most answers there. plenty of reading and heaps of knowledge to be gained. people selling the hid kits and also the dual low beam kits on it....
  3. Don't pay some douche to install a slip on. Its something that can easily be done yourself in about 1/2 an hour.
  4. +1, mega rewarding when you fire it up for the first time.

    If you ride at night in areas that aren't well lit, the HIDs are a good purchase. Otherwise they're overkill. I put xenon cheap ones in mine for a nice increase. Spent the extra $4 and get a decent set of xenons, the cheapies are ok but not fantastic.
  5. thanks for the input guys. appreciate it, but i needs more!!

    will visit 675.net

    did you buy online? what brand etc... link??
  6. I work with bikes and just did some work on a guys 675. As an idea you may be keen on we turned the little corner lights at the front into his indicators - looks great. Also I'd think twice about putting the exhaust on before you've actually run in the bike usually best for the bike to keep it stock till she's run in unless you're going to change the fuel map to match your new exhaust. We also fit an LED tail light with integrated indicators put bar end mirrors on it and did a whole new paint job. He put a fender eliminator and a new petrol cap one thats all black so it just melts into the tank - looks trick.

    So many options ...
  7. :nail:

    thanks for the tips.. Nazeriss. too bad your all the way in sydney :(
    or i'll get you to do the stuff.

    well the bikes clocked up 1200kms now and the exhaust has not arrived yet. so i guesss that solves the problem. and yes will be getting a new map for it.

    i was thinking about the taillights with intergrated indicators. But not to sure about it all.

    and now i wanna keep the bike as factory as possible. so like official trumpy accessories. hmmm. i don't know gaHHH.

    first thing first though.. need to rack up the dosh. :)

    can you give any details about the cost of painting and what they did?? pianted teh whole bike?? patterns?? etc...

    thanks guys.
  8. They look good, but are illegal.

    Having said that, I've yet to be pinged for having em..
  9. That was my concern. so methinks i will stay away from them. thanks for the confirmation. :grin:
  10. Not a worry Spazzy icon_e_wink.
  11. In this particular case we painted the whole bike gloss black, fitted black pazzo levers, painted the side stand gloss black, triple clamp went gloss black too. I think all up cost just over $3000 (I'm talking the paint work not the parts and all the other stuff he got done all up he spent a fair bit more than that). His aim was to blacken his bike as much as possible.

    Sounds like your exhaust will be sweet.
  12. gee. with the amount of heat coming out of the daytona and a fully black bike. methinks he will have a bit of trouble in the summer heat. :LOL:

    wow!? 3k?? i dont want to spen that much on paint. Gee

    okies. i've finalised a decsion for rear end. when i get my jardine put on w/new map i will fit the trumpy factory pointy indicators to give it the tidy sharp look agaist the little LED items. (because i want to make sure that idiot cagers will see my indicators).

    as for the paint. i am now leaning towrds only painting the rims and footpegs/rest. gold. is powder coating cheaper?? better?? nazeriss? ur thoughts.?? or would anodising be more appropriate. i dont want it to be all shiny. i want a flat sought of colour.


    will post picks as soon as i get someting done.
  13. oh yeah.. PS

    will painting weaken the metal??.

    i herd painting will weaken forged metal or something like that?
  14. how hot is the baking process?
  15. Maybe changing the single low beam to a dual low beam could be a safety hazard?
    It could look like a car that is a long way away.
    But it's your call.
  16. i know someone who did it and the system blew up his computer. so i've ditched the idea. and keeping it stock.

    thanks Loz for the link. i will PM flux for some info.

    still waiting for the slip-on.. *pulls hair*

    oh well.... will keep posting.

    thanks guys.
  17. just put the jardine slip-on on. took me a good few hours but i finally got it. HOWEVER

    the supplied fender eliminator that came with the slip on is some wat useless. the bracket is not wide enough to fit an aussie number plate and doesn't have a number plate light which methinks is illegal. :shock:

    wondering if anyone can recommend some fender elims or solutions to these problems.
  18. Drill new holes in your number plate?
    Buy a number plate light usually a smaller LED one is the best looking will require a bit of mucking around with the wiring but pretty easy stuff.
  19. yes. i was thinking the same thing. will do going to super cheap autos or something like that to check out the options.

    was thinking of using the origanal electrical harness from the number plate light and cutting that up to attach longer wire and LEDs to that. that way i can use all the exisitng stuff. you think thats a go??