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Who has managed to stay dry during the recent showers...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Bigchief, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. ... and if you did, PLEASE tell me how! :(

    Last two days of showers in Sydney has left me a drowned rat on my bike, even with my (supposed) waterproof cloting:
    RJays Boots - (supposedly) waterproof was soaked within the first 10-15 mins of the shower

    Ixon Trouser - (with inner waterproof lining). Soaked!

    Hipora Black Ice Motodry Gloves - Wet within the first 10 mins.

    I am soooooooooo fedup.....

    Ideas please?
  2. BMW riding suits are about the dryest wet weather gear one can buy..

    prepare for sticker shock though, they are very exxy :(
  3. A car would do it. As would not riding.

    Other than that its a matter of just putting up with it. I have a full rain suit (pants and top) that is bright fluro. In showers I'll just wear the top, in proper rain I wear both. I rode up to port in craptastic rain and was kept warm and dry enough, but not 100%.
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  6. Try using Dubbin on your boots .. works a treat for my Rossi's

    I wear a waterproof over-pants.

    Spray waterproofing over the gloves, and wear latex gloves underneath.
  7. AlpineStars GP boots with Goretex. Sustained a 3 hour downpour and not a drop of water in them.

    As suggested, a $60 pair of rivet waterproof overpants will solve the problem as well

    Either sno-seal or dubbin or similar waterproof agent.
  8. Try using Dubbin on your boots .. works a treat for my Rossi's

    I wear a waterproof over-pants.

    Spray waterproofing over the gloves, and wear latex gloves underneath.[/quote]

    Thanks VCM

    Where do I buy Dubbins?

    Yep, just ordered some waterproof over-pants

    What waterproofing spray are you referring to?
  9. Dubbins and waterproofing Sprays are avail at most camping stores, ie Ray's Oudoors, Aussie Disposals etc ..
    I use Waproo water-proofer on my Jacket and gloves.
  10. Buy SnoSeal and buy it from netrider! best stuff EVER.
  11. Not in my case, my car roof leaks :LOL:
  12. Thanks for all the suggestion guys. I'm off shopping!!
    Watch this space for details
  13. :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Dri Rider Hurricane Suit! Best investment I ever made for riding in made. it's pretty much 100% waterproof as long as your boots are :p Comes with a storage bumbag type thing and I just keep it in my ventura bag at all times.

    Goes straight over the top of your gear just get one size up (eg if you're medium get a large, large xlarge, etc).

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links to ebay on here but what the heck, here's one going cheap on ebay -

  15. Dririder Mesh jacket with water proof lining = perfect.
    $40 pull over pair of rain paints from any work gear shop = perfect.
    Winter gloves coated with water proofing spray = perfect.
    A* boots, shit... but add plastic bags = perfect.

    Using that combo I've had ridden in very thick rain without getting a drop on my under clothes. Worst rain was near Canberra, full on for over 2 hours and when I found a place to stay for the night I dumped my riding gear in the bath and walked in to the pub dry as a bone.
  16. Vic nailed it, can't beat anything with Gortex!

    I've ridden Cairns-Sydney in almost non-stop rain, ended up being a great ride... apart from the odd drip in from the helmet I was quite dry and comfy... but it cost me around $2800 :shock: for the best gear I've had in over 30 years riding... all BMW stuff, in this case the Rally2 set with gortex liners, boots & gloves + gortex. still wear it on the GTR because I can't justify spending the same or more on a "road" style suit of the same quality... but maybe next Christmas if I get lucky :grin:

    I probably could've got a nice small bike for the money spent over the years on sh*t wet or waterproof gear that didn't work... one thing cheap that did work was any heavy vinyl stuff... but try staying alive in tropical showers :LOL: :LOL:

    save up, or up your card limit :LOL:
  17. I don't believe anybody mentioned the most sensible way of staying dry when riding in the rain. Have you tried dodging the rain drops? Takes some practice and will take your mind off the fact that you're still getting soaked.

    Seriously though, I have gortex gloves, a $100 2 piece rain suit purchased off eBay and wear my Joe Rocket speedmaster boots. Make sure your suit overlaps the pants and that they velcro over the zips. A high collar and tight ankles and cuffs will also help. I wore these over my leathers on a trip to Brisbane last year in winter through 600+ kms of rain wothout a problem. The only downside is that it gets kinda hot under the waterproofs.

    You don't need to spend a fortune on waterproofs but do try and buy some that will be compact when not in use for ease of transport and that will fit over your riding gear.
  18. Yep Dririder mesh jacket with the liner

    Waterproof overpants from Rays tent city, $39.95

    Hiking boots from Thomas cook in DFO, fully waterproof and $70.00

    Just a trickle down my neck after a couple of hours.

    Oh, and winter gloves sprayed, got that at rays too
  19. I was out in the rain over the past few weeks here in melb...

    Shift textile jacket with liner,
    Dryrider pants with liner
    Alpinestar SMX-4 Boots
    Alpinestar GP-Plus gloves

    only got damp and cold hands out of this gear... the rest of me was warm and dry

    although i also wear a scarf from time to time as the shift jacket dosnt cover my neck at all...
  20. These are all fantastic tips - thanks everyone.

    The waterproofing seems to have worked on my gloves but wasn't fully effective on my RJays boots (although wasn't as bad as before the waterproofing spray).

    I've order waterproof over-pants online. So waiting for that to come.

    What do people think of: