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Who has ever held on to the 250cc after gaining unrestricted

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bigchief, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. I'm a newbie to motorbikes and own a 2006 Honda VTR250 after gaining my L's in Nov. '07.

    I was wondering, who has ever hung on to their 250 after gaining their full license? Or has just about everyone upgraded to something bigger and better?
  2. I still have my 250 trail bike. For trails, plus the Girlie is getting plenty of practice time on it before she gets on something bigger.
  3. There is no need for people to 'go for a bigger bike' just because they have a full licence. Riding is about the enjoyment and freedom of experiencing your limits and the experience.
    Some can do this on a scooter.
    If your ambition is to do track racing etc. Then many move on to the bigger toys.
    Depends on your goals and budget!
  4. Most do upgrade. There are some learner legal bikes that very well could be all you need. Eg. gt650r - could get it derestricted and then its full power. Or rvf/vfr/zxr400, etc. which are total weapons in the right hands.

    I'm on a 650 vtwin now and its cheap to own and run. But once I upgrade to something more expensive and less practical (eg. zx6r), I'll buy a gpx or vtr250 for commuting.
  5. Oh don't get me wrong, I love my VTR250 and plan to hang on to it for quite some time. I was just really wondering...

    I'm just loving the freedom of the bike and the experience of the ride. I'm also quite happy and intent on arriving home to my wife and two adorable girls in one piece :grin: ...so for now my 250 is quite adequate.

    I was just wondering what people do or did in general.

    Spoken to one guy here at work. Rented a 250 when he went for L's and P's...then got his unrestricted license...went straight for an 1100cc...wrote it off at a Superbike's course... Now I think he is riding a 650cc...

    Moi is happy as a pig in Palenstine on my VTR250 :LOL:
  6. I've been riding a 250 for over three years now. Why? Because I wanted it to do a particular job of getting around mainly the inner city, and it does that job today just as well as it did three years ago. I would like to get a bigger bike some time in the future, just for fun - but I've been saying that for a while, too. There's always something more important coming up...
  7. Yeah, but this is a bike forum. How could anyone's limit be a scooter?

    Wash your mouth out! (Or wash your fingertips or something).
  8. No it's not, it's a RIDERS forum. Each to their own.
  9. Have you seen scooter racing? I have, and whilst hilarious - they shame alot of riders!
  10. I got off my Ps a few months back and have kept my Suzuki Across as its in tops nick, i use it for commuting, etc and its just really convenient.

    If i upgrade, i'd just get myself in trouble and i wouldn't have the excellent storage that the Across has spoilt me with.
  11. if I could afford rego on 2 bikes, I would still have the CB250 for going to & from work & keep the Hornet for hills riding.
  12. I saw some pics the other day...it's MAD!

    I'll might very well keep my 250 after I can upgrade. Possibly because I won't be able to afford a big bike yet :p , or I might want to keep it for hooning round the track without worrying about damaging my new pride and joy. Each to their own really, some places a 250 will be a lot better bike to have than a 600 or a thou (city commuting etc).
  13. Indeed, we did, didn't we!!!




    And, I've been off restrictions since last April, although I am in the market for bigger bike, I can't deny the 250 is cheap to run, service, register, insure and maintain(tyres/parts)
  14. The more I think about it, the less I feel the need to "move up" as soon as I legally can.

    99% of my riding is city commuting, for which my Spada is admirably suited.

    Or at least that's what I'm trying to tell myself, since not upgrading is by FAR the most sensible decision financially ;)
  15. Mate, I had so much fun on my NSR250 that the only reason I upgraded was the shattered metal that was all through the engine. If it hadn't blown up I would possibly still have it. Just gotta love the psycho little whippersnipper. Man I miss kickstarting :grin:
  16. Only reason I replaced the 250 was because a car decided to kill it, and realistically it wasn't ideal for the amount of highway kms I was doing.

    But still wouldn't mind picking up another 250 or other small bike just to have something I could have fun with without risking my licence or having to spend huge amounts of cash on tyres/chains/sprockets/etc.
  17. lol, the thong pic was taken after the race had finished, it was a regulation that we wore all the right gear whilst racing. :cool:
  18. Still got my 250. Been unrestricted for 3/4 of a yr.

    Why? cause it holds great sentimental value, I would get jack all if i sold it(cause of crash damage), and its no slouch of a bike. The day i can ride it to its limits will be the day i get rid of it.