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Who has ever been issued a parking ticket on a bike?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by damov, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I was just wondering how many of you have been issued with a parking fine on there bike?

    I know with all my years riding I have never been issued with a parking fine and I have parked in some dodgy spots before.
  2. I heard motorbikes in Glenelg here in Adelaide have, for parking 3 bikes i think it was within 1 car park. They were expected to have a ticket on all 3 bikes or something... I believe some of the others here probably know way more of the story than me tho....

    anybody? anybody??
  3. Ahh the advantages of living in Victoria, with it's legal footpath parking :p.
  4. Footpath parking is "inherently dangerous" perpetuated by a "cult belief" among motorcyclists...
  5. Been given 3.

    1 in the city, for parking slightly out of the free bike parking area. Got back as he was writing the ticket.

    1 for parking in a clearway (my fault, came back 10 minutes after clearway started).

    1 in Tasmania for parking in a loading zone (never paid it, they never sent me the letter to collect).
  6. But you can still park multiple in adelaide. You would think councils would just adopt each other rules.

    Q I parked my motor cycle well within the road markings of a parking bay in a Parking
    Zone. There was plenty of room for my bike even though a small car was already
    parked in the bay. Is it alright to do this?
    A No. Only one vehicle is permitted to park in a parking bay, regardless of size.
    However, more than one motorcycle is permitted to park in a car parking bay
    providing there is no car already parked there, and the motorcycle has one wheel as
    close as possible to the kerb
  7. I was given a parking ticket in Camberwell when parked on a footpath. I was between two trees and well clear of any pedestrian traffic. I was gobsmacked that I received it, but sent a letter to the council disputing the ticket and had the infringement removed.

    A friend of mine also received a ticket shortly after he moved to Sydney. About a week after he arrived, he parked on the footpath somewhere in King's Cross and was booked. He was furious with himself!!

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  8. So what would happen if a motorcycle parked in an empty bay and a car came along and parked in the spare space ie how do they know who was there first or do they just book both vehicles I wonder.
  9. serious?
  10. You gotta watch those SCC Rangers, they're notoriously zealous about doing their job. We were having a gathering in Bourke st getting ready for a run and a bunch of them came and told us if we didn't move straight away they would book us.

  11. Haven't been booked yet (live in Sydney), as I've mentioned before Parking Rangers have told me I'll be fine as long as I'm inside the property line.

    I do park on the footpath occasionally, did today, but its in a very out of the way place at the end of the path where pedestrians wouldn't walk.
  12. Hmmmm. I'll keep that in mind. Where was that Lil, Burke Rd?
  13. Hmmm tell me more. In what way? Should I park my bikes in a parking bay so they can get backed into or come back and find a car sharing the same space after a bit of "touch parking" or should I park on the footpath (legal) in such a way that doesnt inhibit foot traffic?
  14. I think the issue was they didn't have tickets, and when explained that bikes cant put them anywhere they cant be stolen yet still seen the council wanted bikers to unbolt the rego holder and put them in that and bolt it back on
  15. yep, i got a ticket from the grumpy ranger in the Town of Claremont here in Perth (inci knows the one i mean :) )

    I was parked in a car bay and aparently your not allowed to park in car bays in Claremont. So when i got back to teh bike and saw the ranger writing a ticket i said look there are only like 2 motorbike bays here and they are full, what do you expect me to do? and he just replied that it wasnt his problem and stiff poo.
  16. The parking inspectors at UQ are quite friendly towards motorbikes - might have something to do with the fact that most of them ride. I once got pulled up by one, expecting to get into trouble for riding through a closed off road section to park my bike. Turned out he just wanted to have a chat about my bike!

  17. Haha yeah i guess that is a problem .... I don't think anyone would be petty enough to steal it if you just put it behind the wind screen of one of the bikes. But you never know ... some people are retarded.
  18. I've been seeing a few bikes parked on the footpaths here in the city (Brisbane) lately, especially on Albert St between Elizabeth and Charlotte. It is illegal in Qld yes?
  19. would be nice to park on footpaths/multipel park. havnt gotten a tciket then again. i hardly park the scoot anywhere in the city or bay etc. its used for work n back commuting generally.
  20. hey demuire, where are the good parking spots in the city?