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Who has done a ghostrider?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tomcatalex, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. #1 Tomcatalex, Jun 16, 2008
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    Has there been a time when any of you guys just say fcuk it ill do a ghost ride???

  2. Would anyone be daft enough to admit it :LOL: ?
  3. thats a seriously stupid topic man. you seem to post up a fair few of them
  4. I tried it once, but didn't like my skull on fire...
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    would you prefere this one
    subject Britney Spears is learning how to ride without protection


    what do you guys think?
  6. I've tried .. but I found I kept suffocating under that damn sheet :p

  7. I am Ghost Rider.
  8. Yeah once i totally outran a cop on my superfast 250cbr bro, did triple axle megaflip over his bonnet and then sped off at 400km\h down through george street while it was hailing on bald tires, while doing a mono and lane splitting, while wearing heels, stubbies and a single and stopped at the traffic lights with my right leg down first waited for the cops to catch up and then reved it so hard the cops couldn't keep chasing me due to the fact they couldn't stop orgasming from the serious display of megaman powerrrrr... Dam i am a badarse....

    Seriously if anyone had done it they are probably not the kind of person who reads netriders, and if they are they are not going to give you a serious post.
  9. :LOL: :LOL:

    You forgot they constantly had both knees down :grin:
  10. Yes, on many occasions I have set fire to the road and wheelie'd through it. I mean, its commonplace to do.
  11. Thats great, but what does this thread have to do with Hyosung's?
  12. Thats a nice 'serious post'
  13. I've heard that if you ever exceed 110km\h on a hyosung, the engine seize's the rear disc brake locks and it explodes in a blaze of glory. Apprently some sort of evil plot by the communists.
  14. Is that what was happening in the video? I noticed lots of bikes riding in flames :wink:
  15. Not sure how many Ghostriders there are, or who they are.
    But the fact they're always male means I can safely say that no, I haven't done one.
  16. I did once because in TFATF: Tokyo Drift they said if you go over 200 km/h the cops wont even try to catch you because the cop cars are limited to 200. Turns out that isn't the case in Australia or even real life. I will never do a 'Ghost rider' again.
  17. Ive treated the commute home from sydney on the f3 like an Uppsala run on one of my psychotic occasions. It was stupid and dangerous but fark it was fun.
  18. The fire Ghostrider wheelied through in the clip came from a crashed Hyo that dumped all it's oil, threw the chain, and cracked the tank on the road.
  19. ITYM 'R6'. HTH.
  20. One of the many reasons I haven't done a 'Ghost rider' i.e gone as >250km/h as you can over a long distance, in moderate to heavy traffic, on a large freeway (and filmed it) is that I think you would really need to plan ahead to have a good chance of getting away with it.

    You or a mate would have to do check for no police patrols on that road before hand. You would need a full tank and know how much fuel you will use. You would ideally need a mate with a van at the end. Otherwise you would be relying on luck. I couldn't be bother doing all that, and then there are the all the other reasons which are pretty obvious (e.g I probably don't have the skill :) ).