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Who has an IXON leather Jacket?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by nightgash, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. To anyone that has an IXON leather Jacket what type of zip does it have at the bottom to zip onto leather pants and does the zip go all the way around from the front to the back?

  2. I thought as much, I guess I will be one of the few that will be wearing one! :LOL:
  3. CazV1 has a nice pink one!
  4. I used to sell them. I remember they have a 1/4 zip at the back and some I think have a full zip. Why don't you go see the real thing at Yamaha City in town and buy it there? You'll know what you're getting yourself into :p
  5. HEHE actually RidersEdge in Heidelberg has the full IXON range. I bought the IXON Mystic leather jacket yesterday and its just beautiful! It has a zip at the back and another one that goes all the way around to the front! :)
  6. I just bought the *drum roll* SATANIC Ixon leather jacket tonight. I reckon I got a bargain, it seems to RRP at $640ish according to this

    Pic http://www.teammoto.com.au/xcart/image.php?productid=18421

    I got it for $200 brand new :grin: Some dude had ridden once, seems got a scare(?) and sold all his stuff, bike first, gear next. The jacket definitely looks like it's been worn only once or twice. I'm a happy camper, back in leather again seeing as my old stuff before my sudden weight loss of 15 kgs or so is too big now to wear. So back to buying up stuff.
  7. I have IXON gloves and they rock, I will be looking at their gear as I upgrade my A* stuff. Really well made and reasonable price. :grin:
  8. When I came off my bike and landed in the mud my IXON leather pants and jacket protected me fine! They just got muddy and not a bruise on me. The padding in the pants really saved me
  9. I have an Ixon leather jacket a textile jacket and the leather gloves,but i have HR leather pants so the zips don't match.I'm trying to get a spare zip from HR to change the one on my leather jacket so i can zip up,i had an issue with the length of the pants from Ixon; couldn't get any short enough that were still big enough to fit my hips.