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Who has an Across?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. I posted this here, because who chose an across for there learner bike, first bike.?

  2. I had one as my second first bike. It was a 95 model.. loved it.
  3. Did you pass the test on it??

    Do you remember the rear swing arm and rod that holds the rear disc caliper, was it like 1mm from the side of the tyre?
  4. There are 14 listed in the garage. Time to PM a few maybe?
  5. I did my test at Stay Upright on their CB (L) and my Spada (P).

    I cannot tell you 100% about the tyre, but that doesn't sound right. Personally I'd put up an image request.
  6. Yea Ill try that next

    But wanted someone online now, to answer that question

    You still dodging indigenous missiles?
  7. should I go into my garage now and take a picture, good idea, ill be back asap with a pic, and will post it up here
  8. gxLAoRJ.

    Hard to see the gap, but its small, just enough for a credit card or licence to squeeze in, i'd say 1-2 mm max, road it yesterday, put it in nutral but couldnt hear it rubbing, went up to 40kph hit the kill switch, couldnt hear it rubbing, but its so close im worried if the tyre is under pressure the tyre will bulge out and it will make contact
  9. Not sure if you have done this, but check rear wheel alignment. Not using the notches on the swingarm though, perhaps the string method.

    Do you know what sort of damage the bike has from the accident?
  10. yea got the WOV vehicle damage report here

    1 rear left, heavy panel
    2 rear right, heavy panel

    incident: Impact
    salvage condition: repair
  11. Or - Knock back into roughly the right shape with a hammer and offload quick to someone who doesn't know any better.

    Like I said in the other thread - check the alignment of the wheel. If something is wrong it's not going to make itself better by riding it - but it could cause you a serious off.
  12. why does it only have panel damage on the report, if the swing arm was bent, wouldnt it have that, and possibly be a total write off if the chasis was bent in anyway?

    Just wanted to know if anyone with an across (that hasnt been in a crash) has the same closeness of the bar that holds on the rear disc?
  13. Possibly written by someone only used to cars who considered anything metal to be "panel". In which case it'd read heavy damage to both sides of the swingarm and/or frame.
  14. The seat and rear plasic bits were fixed and rear brake light and blinker.

    The bike rides good though, it goes straight, took it to 100+ kph the other day, and pulls nice and straight. If the rear tyre was bent it would pull to one side wouldnt it? I went around 40kph let go of the handle bars and it still went nice and straight, so thats not the problem, its the closeness of the bar, its not the swing arm realy its the arm that holds the rear disc brake caliper, its not rubbing but is 1-2mm away from the side of the tyre, is this normal, this arm doesnt effect the wheel alignment...

    Is there something wrong with the pic
  15. I had a 93 Across for my first bike and passed the P test on it.
    My second bike is a 98 Across which I still have.
    They both had more space between tyre and rear caliper arm.
  16. how many mm between your caliper arm and side of tyre?
  17. Acrosses bend easily.

    Get it checked out properly!
  18. I started on an Across. I got sick of it so wrote it off :wink:
    I didn't use it for the test; and back then I had NO idea of how the thing worked or how things should have looked, so I'm of no use :cry:
  19. I had an across an did my P test on it.
    There is definatly meant to be more room. What size tyre is on it?
  20. 140 70 17 dunlop

    i pulled the caliper bar off yesterday, and tried to bend it, but the thing wouldnt line up so i bent it back and slightly left it bent a little at the end that was close, the out come, from 1mm away from the tyre wall to about 4 mm, couldnt do mach better than that, without throwing the whole thing off, think it should be ok, I found the connection on the swing arm where the brake arm connects has a weld mark and is facing towards the tyre , someone may have fixed it wrong

    Another problem i have on the across I was riding down a hill in nutral, just to listen if it was rubbing, but didnt hear anything, then I wanted to put it into 2nd, held the cluthch in but it didnt want to go in, while i was rolling, whats with that???