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Who has a Macintosh...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. that can test a keynote presentation for me?

  2. I don't have keynote installed unfortunately, just got an upgrade.
  3. Yep, flick it over to 'my nickname' at gmail dot com

  4. hmmm might want ot get rid of that mail link... spam and all that
  5. I'm a bit rattled.

    I'm a recent mac convert and am having a few issues.

    I have created a presentation using Keynote.

    How do I publish it to the web so people can download it?

    When I save the file it gives me a folder with all of the files that are associated with the presentation.

    How then do I upload that to the web?

    I tried compressing the .key file and it created a .zip nop worries that I can unzip on the mac but when I upload it the server it downloads the .zip file, begins to expand it and then returns an error.

    Any ideas?
  6. It's easy on a Windows machine :LOL: :bolt:

  7. You can use keynote on a windows machine? :shock:
  8. Interesting.

    When I click the link and download the file with Safari, it works, using firepox and it comes up with an error.


    Down the botton of hte page, the next installment of the newsletter is available.
  9. I can give it a go at work tomorrow if you're still having problems. I haven't tried keynote to be honest, but this would give me an excuse to give it a whirl.
  10. sweet, thanks.

    I like the Mac far better than the PC, but I'll admit it's a steep learning curve.
  11. Isn't it just the same as the way PowerPoint does it - upload that whole folder to the server and just link to the relevant file? It needs its resources in the same directory to work, usually... maybe some browsers are smarter than others, but you want to cater to everyone if possible.
  12. Anyway, heading in to work now (where the Mac things are) and will check it oot and get back to ya.
  13. It downloaded fine from the link on the newsletter page. I unzipped it without any problems, and once I'd updated my (trial) copy of Keynote it opened up just fine.

    In fact, I'd have to say it looked pretty damned sexy! I don't think I'll be using Powerpoint again if I can get away with it. :)
  14. I downloaded it fine but need keynote to open it.
    this with firefox 3
  15. The only difference I found was that Safari found that there was a Keynote presentation in the zip and extracted it, and Firefox did probably the more correct thing and just downloaded it, and then offered to pass it to stuffit for extraction.

    Bravus Powerpoint is different it collects everything into a single binary, whereas Keynote creates a package which actually a directory with the resources in it.

    Plus a good one for the anti-mac brigade is that Al Gore's PowerPoint was actually a Keynote.... :p
  16. Hi Vic.. make sure you are on the "save file" option when downloading..
    There is a known bug when using the open with option with some files from firefox...

    :grin: welcome to the world of mac... tip for converting.
    The difference between a mac interface and a pc is a mac works in an intuitive way... it works the way you would expect it.. the problem with ex-pc users is that you have learnt to do things in a way that well.. dosn't make much sense at all.. but you get use to it and except it. Stop thinking about using your computer and just start doing it..
    ...long time mac users that are forced to use pc's will know exactly what i mean

    Downloaded fine for me
    I see you discovered the many many effects in keynote.