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Who has a criminal record... that they wish to share?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Guest, May 13, 2006.

  1. Or, more to the point, got pinned for stupid shit they did when they were younger? :wink:

    Obviously this is only for people that feel cool about sharing...

    Reason for asking... I had a great chat with one of my old teachers recently, ran into the Ex Snr Sarg from Cranny Cop shop & was talking to my ex ex ex ex ex ex ex g'friend from back in the day ... Talk about flashbacks from nearly a decade a go! :shock: :shock:

    I dont have a record as such.... a few ? marks and a couple of minor XXXX but nothing that prints out on the perm record.
  2. :-w :-# :-# :-# :-#
  3. Surely there's a few posters on here that would kill to share their "I've got a record for being caught doing 1000km/h in a 60km/h zone"... stories :p
  4. I've got one fat black mark in there all right, but you'll have to get me pissed before I go pantsing myself on that count I'm afraid.
  5. I'm with Glen on this one :grin:
  6. Why are the older (not old) crew keeping so quiet??? Come on.... I know about the Grobby and the goat... but what did you do Res?
  7. I am a criminal of Loooove..ohhh baaaby. :cool:
  8. Well since none of you other guys are gunna share, I might as well roll the ball....

    Apart from traffic infingments that we all have, I was questioned in relation to a unauthorised demolition of private property, but that went no-where, so that is more of just a mark.

    I was also arrested and charged with Assault X3 and Property damage X1 last year... Also, that went no-where when the cops decided they wanted to lose the witness statments and I would not provide copies for them. So that was dismissed about 6 months and $5000 in lawyer fees later... He was a good lawyer that bloke.

    Now, I am currently going to court over a matter in which my brother was the victim of a gun point abduction in Adelaide in March which was in the papers (only small columns) for those guys in Adelaide that read the papers, although it made the news in Darwin, dont know about the other states.

    So no actual convictions as such just minor notes or interest in my record I would assume, although I have no asked to see it.

    lidonnit since you started the thread, where the heck is your conffesion?You say you have some marks, but you dont illustrate what they are for.
  9. Pi$$ weak lot you are. Coppers turned up at work one day & asked if I would accompany them down to the station. Turns out they have no sense of humour when it comes to letting off acetylene bombs all over town at 2am in the morning. Fingerprinted & charged with detonating explosives in a built up area or some such cr@p. A couple of court appearances later ended up being reduced to discharging fireworks in a public place. Don't know if it shows up as a record though.
    Got threatened with arrest again a bit later for not telling who was the driver of a car being chased through town at 1am in the morning. Nice long hill out of town that we were pulling about 220 over. Coppers chasing could only do 120. Shot down a side road but as luck would have it there was an accident just down the road a bit. Next thing you know there were paddy wagons & tracker dogs swarming all over the place. Hehehehe.
  10. I had a couple of car stealing charges when i was younger. Had to do 6 months periodic detention for one of them.
    A few charges relating to drugs. (only isued with fines.)
    10 or so Years ago I was Charged with Break and enter (Ram raid),steal motor vehicle and set fire to motor vehicle.
    Spent 15 months in a number of NSW jails, then 12 months parole.
    I also not to long ago beat a charge of evading police capture and driving in a matter of danger on a public road.(270kph on freeway) They could not prove it was me. :LOL:
    Also was pulled in the local cop shop and Questioned for 8 hours about Break and enter and Attempted Murder. (This dumb biatch told police that i was the one who broke into her house and held a pillow over her face.) I beat that one as well. :shock:
    I also beat a charge for letting off a fire-arm in a public place. \:D/

  11. Okay you win so far... They are some doozy's
  12. Criminal ? who me? Im sorry you must have me confused with someone else :cool:
  13. I might have a somewhat colourfull past and a few minor :-w indescrestions , but it doesnt involve goats :LOL:
  14. No criminal records to tell of but i don't mind sharing one of my funnier "getting busted" moments.

    I'm not gonna tell any of the bad stuff (not that there is any) but a funny moment was when got busted drving through a park :LOL:, i saw a guy with a flashlight running towards me and i tried to get away but got bogged (TIP: Never floor it in a muddy grassy area :LOL:). The parents were NOT impressed when the cops showed up early the next morning asking for me (my mum freaking out because she thought i was going away for somethin bad :rofl:)

    You'll have to ask me about the manakin moment in person because i'm not posting it up here :LOL:

  15. Manakin's and stolen g-string stories... beginning to see a whole other side to Kraven :LOL:

    That has to come out at Sunday night coffee :wink:
  16. Well, I have some minor indescretions against my name!........... No convictions though.... A family full of Laywers help with that.

    I have;
    1x Assualt charge (I was in year 9 he was in year 11) for causing; a bruised larynx & cracked cheek bone.
    1x Assault charge...... No comment
    2x Drunk in a public place (admitted I was Chris Cringle... The police then got angry that I was impersonating an officer) lol.... the transcript is hilarious for that one!
    1x Drink driving (bad form)
    1x Conspiracy to (I have no recollection what for).

    Nothing bad... they may sound bad, but the weren't... was just young and angry! :wink: :wink:
  17. 2wheels_or_1 wrote:

    Spent 15 months in a number of NSW jails, then 12 months parole.

    What jails you spent time in? I know of a few jails in NSW maybe I have seen one you have been in
    :wink: :grin:
  18. Nup, I'm clean as a :-w :grin:

  19. Were you a screw? If not, what was your story?
  20. No adult record in this country. Does that count as squeeky clean ??

    Did give them a run for their money after I was busted drinking in a park when I was 16, but they got me eventually and beat the crap out of me, turns out they don't like running. No charges due to the threat to shoot me during the interview (I was giving some lip ) :grin:

    Got to admit, I learnt my lesson and made sure I was never caught again.
    :grin: :grin: