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Who gets more police attenzione?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by van, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. ...Performance car drivers, or motorcyclists?

    There are those in the car world that drive the types of cars that are begging for police attention. I know, I used to run with them when I had my Supra, and I got my share of attention from the boys in blue! What about motorcyclists though? I know they get pulled over often enough too, but who do you suppose the polizia love to target more?
  2. I've pulled over for licence checks when I had an Alfa but rarely with bikes. Depends a lot on the bike as well. A sports bike will get pulled over more than a touring bike. A Younger rider /driver will usually get pulled over more than an older one.

    And groberts will get pulled over more than anybody :LOL: :LOL:
  3. From my perspective, it seems that I've had zero police attention around the city and more, if any, out in the countryside.
  4. i can drive my non seat belted, modified, lowered split screen kombi all day at speed and never get a hassle. can have the subs pumping, the safari windows cranked open and all sorts of shit goin on and no worries at all.
    i can jump on me buell, with full race kit and get a bit of a look and the odd grin. again though i still give it a bit and play around.
    but, get in my skyline GTsT, not lowered or anything fancy (jsut a few go fast mods secretly added), some rims and in black... and they are all over me. they will stare intently, follow me around and jsut hassle. never been pulled over yet, but dont really get the chance to tempt.
    makes me furious in the skyline, but i laugh my guts out in the splitty. especially when i see the ricers being pulled and i cruise by... :cool:
  5. umm how can the cop tell if it is a younger rider?

    My intial thoughts are that hot cars tend to get pulled up more, when I was on my P's I was forever getting pulled over because I drove a SLR1000 Torana and then a 351 lowered [GT wannabee] XY Wagon. :cool: Oh burnouts and a loud exhaust probably didn't help :grin:

    But then again this was 20 odd years ago, probably hasn't changed much I don't think.
  6. Purely personal experience have been pulled over more often on the bike than the car, even when the car was/is sporty. (although in total its only been 3 or 4 times on one of the bikes - twice in groups, and once in the car).

  7. 20 Years ago bikes used to get hassled more than cars, it seems to be the other way around now.
  8. My last car was a WRX, it was World Rally Blue in color and gold rims !
    Enough said ! :evil:
  9. VT Series2 Berlina, Lowered, 19" Chrome rims, 427Tail lights and a nice Exhaust+Stereo... Get pulled up every other day.. gets annoying because they all want to do one thing... Canarie my ass...
  10. In NSW you're more likely to be pulled up for an RBT than anything else, regardless of what you are driving/riding.

    Oh, and on the bike, every time I've been pulled over for RBT, they've asked to see my license, something that has never happened in dozens of RBTs when I've been in the car...
  11. I have both a performance car and a motorcycle - never been pulled over by the cops though. Most of the cars I have seen pulled over by the cops were usually doing something to draw attention to themselves anyway. Like the idiots that fit oversized (illegal) exhausts or BOVs then drive through busy areas with the rpm hovering near redline - then wonder why they're "targetted" by the cops for a roadworthy check :roll:. Some riders definately draw attention to themselves in a similar way (like doing wheelies in traffic) - they're just a lot harder to catch so I reckon a lot of times the cops just don't bother - preferring to just set up on a popular bike road and wait for the bikes to come to them.
  12. i have a road/trail bike, noone even knows im there or maybe dont care that im there.

    In my old Pulsar SSS, lowered, big wheels and very loud would get followed but never pulled over.
    Current car Mazda SP23 stock standard dont get a second look. If your car or bike or whatever looks like its for hooning, good chance you will be picked on.
  13. I've been waved through RBTs all the time on the bike - very unusual to be waved past in the car though. A cop of my acquaintance tells me they very rarely have riders who blow anything at all, let alone over .05 so if they are a bit busy they often don't bother with bikes as the returns aren't worth it. Although I've been waved past when there was no one else on the road either. :?
  14. yeah, mine had an aftermarket BOV and exhaust.
    man i miss the boxer rumble and pppppssssttttsshhhh ! :LOL: . . . i'm over it now though ! . . . .yeah right !!!

    My current cage is a stock Forester XS, non-turbo :( . . . metallic green in color. Cops won't even bat an eye-lid if I drove pass with my baseball cap turned backwards listening to 2Pac ! :rofl:
  15. In the 10 years of cars RBT's and just 'how you doing' pull overs heaps, on the bike in 2 years, only pulled over while passing through NSW, always a license check as well...Twice to ask why 4 guys on different bikes are riding together.. (spada, cbr600r, harley roadster and the ttr) :eek:
    Tassie touring never stopped..
    Always stopped going through Booze Bus's, nearly got a broken jaw the fist time when the officer tried to put it through the visor opening.. only let that happen once..
    One night i was tested through the booze but while working it... it seems SES orange does not stand out enough.. although its nice to know that all were tested that night... :grin:
  16. Received loads more attention in my cars over the years than so far on the bike... but I am only on a 2fiddy still :wink: even tho it is farkin loud :LOL: I get a lot of angry looks from those boys in blue when I ride past them but so far haven't really been hassled... :cool:
  17. Been pulled over more on the bike than I have in the car, and I've owned some dodgey cars.
    Licence checks are the norm, had one leather clad BMW cowboy tell me that my bike was a nice 250. After informing him that it wasn't a 250 he proceeded to write me a ticket for riding a bike greater than a 250 whilst on a probationary licence. Asked him to look at the licence again and tear up the ticket as the probation had expired 3 years before. Asked the newbie officer how long he had been on bikes, to which he replied I was his second pull over ever!! :roll:
    Suggested that he go to a bike shop and look over some bikes to get a feel for who rides what as some people aren't going to be overly happy when he pulls over an R1 and calls it a postie bike! :LOL:
  18. Car drivers get more attentin for car cops and bikes get more attention from bike cops.
    Unfortunately for the performance car drivers there are more cop cars than cop bikes.

    <==Been pulled over 4 times :( (Never by a cop car)
  19. I average being pulled over once a fortnight-3 weeks .
    If not by traffic , but majoir crimes (3 times)
  20. Never been pulled over on the Aprilia or the gixxer - have had them flash their lights when coming the opposite direction...

    Got pulled over several times back in the days when I had a "P" plate on the car for "random" checks.

    Been with a mate who was pulled over in v8 vk crummydore with mags - conversation went like this:
    cop: what do you dickheads think your doing?
    .... you can see where that went!

    Been pulled over in the Lotus - conversation went like this:
    cop: Nice car! What is it?
    me: thanks, its a lotus 7 - just bought it 20 minutes ago. [true!]
    cop: well, ahh, you know, the road is probably not the best place for that kind of driving - maybe you should try a track or wait till there are not so many cars around. That really is a cool car!
    me: oh, yeah, thanks - sorry for the exuberence.. ill behave.
    cop: thats cool. Hey, do you mind if I follow you for a few blocks - that engine sounds fantastic
    me: sure thing [Do you say no?]

    So - having a "classic" hot car is definately a plus :cool: - at least when the damn thing is going!