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who follows the A-League?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by **~PinkBitz~**, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. hey all!!

    just wondering if anyone else folows the A-league?

    im a melbourne victory suporter myself, go to every game (except the last few.. had an accident.. broke some bones etc)

    umm... so yea.. anyone else?

    ~Nikki xo
  2. I've taken my father to a few games, love it.

    "We're north side, We're north side, We're north side over here"
    "We're south side, We're south side, We're south side over here"

    Sounds magnificent that chant.

    I was excited for a split second that Melbourne will host the Grand Final, then I realised I'll be in Tassie.
  3. No, but as along time sceptic on the chances of Soccer ever moving beyond being a sport for wogs and poofters (the late Johnny Warren's summary in his book title), it's pleasing to see it doing just that.

    I don't think it will ever become the national sport, any more than will Aussie Rules or either of the Rugby codes, but the World Cup has moved things along, and the revitalised Australian Soccer Federation are certainly kicking some goals :roll:.
  4. yep i follow the victory, go to every game. and going to the grand final. can't wait

  5. lol its not gonna be in tassie its at the telstra dome!!!
  6. go the roar.....!

  7. go the who........ GO THE VICTORY!!!
  8. yeah ! Go the Swans !!
  9. geeze, i'd hate to start an interstate rivalry here...... :LOL: :LOL:
  10. well since the Roar aren't in the finals, maybe you can support the VICTORY..
  11. It is and has been the national sport for many, many years.

    More players, more supporters/spectators, more games, and more facilities than any other sport in Australia
  12. *cough* Sydney FC.... Not that i follow the A League really. Love playing the beautiful game though :grin:
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  14. NEWCASTLE JETS :cool:

  15. Carn you Northern Spirit!!!! What??? What do you mean no NSL anymore???

    Why do they keep taking away North Sydneys' teams??? First the Bears, then the Spirit. :?