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Who enjoys their Whisky?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by i_cruise, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. As i browse the Netrider forums enjoying a nice sip of scotch, it might be good to see who the whisky (or bourbon) buffs are among us. Whats your Favourite??? For everyday sipping i like the Bushmills single malt and Ballantines 12yo, and for special occasions the 18 year old Macallan comes out.

  2. havent had Johnney Blue in a long long time, that is a nice drop..
  3. Wild Turkey and for special occasions Wild Turkey Rye
  4. Blue label is a fine blend. I havent had a taste for a while either but i keep a bottle in the collection for guests.
  5. Glenfiddich.
    Anybody who wants to get me a nice fathers day present, or kneedragon's day present or something, one of these would be nice.
  6. Laphroiag goes well when I'm in the mood for something a bit more robust. I have a bottle of Glenmorangie 'The Lasanta' that I'm working my way through on special occasions, and that's a lovely drop.

    On the bourbon side, I tend to drink that as a mix, so buy adequate rather than excellent, but I did get a bottle of Blanton's for my birthday that I'm enjoying very much.
  7. Join the Scottish Malt Whisky society, they will give you access to a whole world of whiskies that will blow your mind...
  8. Over the years, I've drank, tasted and liked a few of them. For good scotches, I prefer to sip them neat. The way I look at this is that a liquor has spent 12, 15 or 18 years in a barrel and I'm not going to F*** it up by adding Coke to it or for that matter even tap water. In winters, I like them neat but in summers, I add a few drops of sparkling mineral water and that really releases the aroma & the flavor. Those who haven't tried it, try this BUT remember, just a few drops.

    A few that have stood out (in no particular order) are

    Glenfiddich 12, 15 & 18 YO
    Glenlivet 15 YO (French Oak Reserve)
    Grand Old Parr 12 YO
    Talisker 10 YO

    Among the blends, Johnny Walker Green, Gold Blue are pretty good.

    For casual drinking, I love Chivas Regal, Canadian Club, J&B to which depending on mood, I add either sparkling mineral water or coke (or a bit of both so it's not too sweet as well)

    Bourbon : Jim Beam Black & Jack Daniels.
  9. ...I used to like a drop of Dimple.... if on it's own... but I can be tempted to a scotch and dry sometimes... and whatever people will tell you about it not mattering about using a good scoth mixing is not true!!

    Teachers isn't too bad...for mixing

  10. +1 for Talisker 10YO. Very nice drop.

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  11. Johnnie Red for drinking, with a little bit of soda water.
    Talisker would be my favourite sipper - the only single malt made on the Isle of Skye...
  12. ^^ This. I also quite like Glenmorangie Original and Macallan. All on the rocks.

    As far as blends go, I don't mind Ballantyne, Chivas or JW Black with dry ginger ale, or Canadian Club with lemonade and a bit of ginger.

    I don't drink much bourbon anymore, but I used to go through a lot of JD and coke every weekend. I can't smell the stuff anymore without feeling a little nauseous.
  13. Laphroig or Glenfiddich with ice for sipping and contemplating the world. Jamesons neat if I want to party. :)
  14. My homemade stuff.

    I made some novelty whiskeys in my final year of school, firewhiskey was my favourite. Lots of spices and shit but a short shelf life because it had a fresh Chilli in the bottom of it. Very interesting...
  15. Johnnie Black, neat. As for bourbon, Jack Daniel's single barrel goes alright.
  16. You can usually find me with a Glenfiddich 12yr old, Auchentoshan or a Laphroaig in hand.

    Usually either neat or with some dry/lime.
  17. +++++1 for Blantons single barrel. The fruitiest, most pleasant bourbon ive tasted yet.
  18. I'll stick to the Irish, it's just a smoother drop with none of the peatiness of scotch, Jameson, Bushmill Black, Paddy's all good, definately on it's own or at worst with water, but absobloodylutely NO COKE!

    And for something different Wild Turkey Honey liqueur.
  19. Jamiesons Irish for me!

    Having said that, talisker 18 yo is v nice.

    As your taste buds change over time, it is good to try different types.

    I also find the setting is important for a dram nowadays.
    Talisker or laphroig for in front of a fire, jamiesons for a good book
  20. Yes, I insist on being seated when having a taste.
    Or at least standing ;)