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Who else uses Twitter?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by E2W, May 18, 2011.

  1. Just hooked up the shops website with a Twitter account. Did a search of Twitter but couldn't find anyone from NR there. Who on NR has a twitter account? Send me you details and I'll add you to my following list.


  2. What do you get if you have the most Twits following you?
  3. Yeah My girlfriend just set me up an account, I've ahh, followed you?> Is that the right phrase?
  4. Following you now, E2W!
  5. Hey E2W (Pete ?) ;) ,
    Just about to pull the trigger on the (LONG overdue) service.
    I know you have experience on the M90. Have you serviced an M109R before?

    Would you know how much a major service would be for that bike? Seems to vary from 250 to 400 from what I'm reading.

    Also: This bike is my commuter and my only vehicle.
    Can you guys arrange for a loaner while it's getting serviced?
    How long would that kind of service go for?

    I'm looking to get the bike serviced in the next week or two (depending on the above).
    Have you got a window in that timeframe?

    Thanks in anticipation!
  6. Twats use twatter.