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who else rides up at neerim sth

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by stanga169, May 24, 2009.

  1. have been going up there a fair bit and am really enjoying the mixture of terrain that it offers. The carpark at latrobe is great with dunnies and undercover seating area which is two thumbs up for our tax dollars being spent on something good for a change. im relatively new to offroad and find that this area offers both some easyand some not co easy hill climbs and i love saw heap track i think it was called with the jumps and tight twists
    just wondering if anyone else rides up there and where are similar places(within an hour of berwick) for a newbie to get some good riding in

  2. howdy stanga,

    I'm just getting into it myself, pick up the toy next weekend.

    I'm in belgrave bro and would be keen to check out areas around us. may be able to bring a few along too - GF is getting a TS185 up to scratch and we have a few mates with bikes.

    PM me whenever to tee something up
  3. before road bikes, its was dirt bikes for me. and neerim south was the regular spot.. was heaps fun from when i first started out to a year later. favourite was over the wooden bridge and then left, then left and the loop around.. that was till they started taking down the bridge. first removed the planks, then the beams.. last time i went, we ended up riding through the river to get to the other side.... ahh the good old times
  4. yeah mate hawthorn bridge has been gone for ages but doing the river crossing makes for some interesting moments, the loop to the left is a good one with some fast free flowing tracks and one massive red clay bugger that the last time i tried it took the group over an hour . It has been pretty smashed up by 4x4 s so we gave it a miss last week. the latrobe side has more to over in terms of variety but its good for a change every now and then to check out the other side.