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Who else reckons Lockyer is a tool ???

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. First he tells the media its not him, he didn't tackle the bar manager.
    And now he admits its him !!

    Total loser !!

    League players these days seem to think they get away with everything.

    Johns . . . I don't do drugs . . no wait, I have a habit.
    Bird . . . no I didn't glass my girlfriend . . okay, yes I did glass her.

    Take away the money, the footy uniforms and the people around them, to the core these guys are deadset losers !

  2. Who is this Lockyer person and why should we care if he is a tool or not?
  3. I think Micky means Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer co discoverer of Helium. I wouldn't have described him as a tool. ;)

    Or perhaps Edmund Lockyer British Soldier and Australian explorer of West Australia.
  4. Yer what did Tarkyn Lockyer do exacty?
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  6. That's cos it's Heather Locklear ya goose :)
  7. Dunno about that story, but there was an interesting headline at the bottom of the page ....

    "Naked short selling banned indefinitely" :shock:
  8. No I dont think Lockyer is a 'tool' or a total loser.

    Have you always thought this way of him? His been in the game for over a decade and has been a champion on and off the field. His only human and humans are allowed to make mistakes just like you and I.

    Life goes on, he will always be highly regarded by everyone who follows the game and he will be remembered as a great ambassador for the NRL.

    ps. im not a queenslander haha.
  9. He's a tool for denying it, if nothing else.

    Anyone could see that the 'tackle' on the restaurant manager was just a little mucking around. It was really tame as far as 'assaults' go.
  10. 1. League players need to learn from politicians: it's not the mistake that kills ya, it's the cover-up. If Lockyer had had the balls to say "Yes, I tackled him, I'd had a few and I was messing around, I apologise if he was upset" it'd all be over, but he had to lie about it and there was tape (you pretty much have to assume you can be on tape anywhere these days). (If Bill Clinton had owned up instead of fibbing and dancing around, he wouldn't have got impeached. And so on...)

    2. The Broncos seem to have some sort of problem with alcohol and a partying culture that regularly gets out of hand. Three other players from the team are up on charges from allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in the dunnies at a club. I suspect part of it is the undiluted adulation the Broncos get when there's only one team in town and everyone who follows the game at all supports them. Something needs to be done to save these fools from themselves.

    3. Short selling is borrowing shares and selling them before you own them. If the price goes down you can then buy some shares cheaper to replace the ones you borrowed. (If the price goes up, you're screwed.) The US Securities and Exchange Commission banned quite a lot of short selling entirely this week (cost me a heap of money the other night when I could have made some great short trades, bastards.) Naked short selling is when you don't borrow the shares from anyone, just sell shares you don't have. It's dangerous because you can end up in a situation of having to deliver the shares to the buyer but not being able to get any, and therefore having to pay a huge price for them... or to default and the system breaks.
  11. i thought he was ok untill he said... no its not me... then it was ...it looks like me but i dont remember doing it... its you ya dickhead...other than that i dont care for league anymore so am not interested in the shit he is spinning