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Who else is working?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pink Angel, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. After having the dream run into work, absolutely no cars on the road. Nothing but hundreds of cyclists using Beach Road, I came to the conclusion that I must be the only one going into work today.

    Who else has to work on this glorious day being a Public Holiday?
  2. Oh..that would be me as well. Except I've had night shift all night, lovely traffic free run home and now I am meant to sleep..when its nice and sunshiney outside AND there is a ride on *sigh*

    Oh for 9-5 sometimes!
  3. Yes, sounds as tho u r the only 2 working. Ive got the whole week off (I'm rubbing it in). Son's birthday today, so celebrating that, just what I need, house full of people at 37degrees
  4. Well at least you will be able to have a beer whilst suffering the heat. Enjoy your son's birthday and wish him the best. :D
  5. Nup, I'm not working today but I DO go back to work tomorrow after a 5 week break :shock:
    Off for the ride to Dromana today :D , hope that wind settles a bit but its better than the storms I dreamt about last night :shock:
  6. Well enjoy your day today Deb. Hope it does not get too hot for you guys. And enjoy your first day back at work tomorrow. Always hard to get back into the swing after such a long break.
  7. This is my first "holiday" in 2 years. I was sick over Christmas so didn't get to enjoy the time off. I returned home on Monday after a 4 day 1800 km ride. Today is my last day off before I return to my job as a family and relationship counselor. But my mother in law has invited me over for lunch and to "have a talk" with a friend of hers going through marraige problems. So much for my last day off.
  8. Leftleg, sounds like fun, nothing like being eased back into the swing of things, gogin to talk to one of your mum's mates, that's tough
  9. I work for myself from home and have lots on so am jammed behind the computer all day today - trying not to spend too much time on NR!!!
  10. I really enjoy my job, it can be so rewarding at times to help people work through the tough stuff and come out the other side. But from another angle, all I ever hear is people's problems. It can be very wearing, which is why holidays are so important. The whole "have a talk" with my friend is the worst. People expect you to be able to fix things. That's no how it works. If I do my job properly I help people understand where they are at, where they want to be and what THEY want to do about it.

    I can honestly say, that if it wasn't for my motorcycle I would probably have to change jobs by now. Nothing clears the head, and puts life back into perspective than a good run down the road with smooth sweeping bends, tight corners, and a couple of long straights to open it up on. I think I've just talked myself into riding out to the BBQ. Hope my wife doesn't mind taking the kids in the car without me!!
  11. I'm not working but I wish I was. :shock:

    I've got the g/fs family coming over 4 a 60th birthday, & it's a big family. Fights between my g/f & her mum has already started, bl*#dy phones. :roll: So it looks like being a good day..........NOT!!!!!!!

    I'd rather b out riding, but working :shock: :( would b better then being here once they've all arrived. :cry: :? :shock:
  12. I can understand what you mean Leftleg. Tell your wife you need some "therapy" before starting work tomorrow. Hopefully she will understand and let you ride. :D
  13. yup, i am another one of those at work, but it is better than home, at least i have air con here, and broad band internet access.
  14. I am at home :)

    having a sad existance means I am sitting on the internet on a 37 degree, sunny day. :( I am going to a BBQ later though, that's better than work!
  15. I'm at work today... and being half asleep I left a lil earlier from home (as I've moved and am now another 15 odd mins from work....) and the run was not only traffic free but I also was only stopped at a total of 3 sets of lights before I got into the CBD (then it was every other set, plus a detour as collins street was closed for some public event.... GRRR there were no public about!!! LET ME THROUGH DAMNIT!!!!!) :evil: :evil: :x :x

    oh sorry... anyway as I said I'm at work... here til 5pm and then I've got to get some homework done due in on FRIDAY!!!!! (EEEEKKKK why do I always forget things til the last minute!!!!) :shock: :shock: :cry: :eek:
  16. Ah, but did you get out of bed alone?? :wink:

    I just got out of bed.. alone..bah :shock: :D
  17. If I wasn't alone I wouldn't be getting out of bed
  18. Did you try for a Suzuki.. I hear they are anyones :p :wink: :D