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Who else is thinking about going for their L's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by stasik-a4, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. would be good to go with some one... Let me know

  2. Mine are booked for the 28th july in sydney - st ives. Where are you ?
  3. sorry should of said Melbourne
  4. I wanted to do my L's with my mates to but it didn't happen and honestly, who cares.

    I finished up the first day with a whole bunch of new friends!

    Go out there and do it!
  5. I did mine with a mate.. he never followed through and went for his license and let his certificate expire... now he wants a bike again... bloody fool lol
  6. Just do it mate! its a breeze!
    I think the learner test was easier than the licence test!

    Ridetek in Dandenong were great - Pete made the day fun and full lof laughs!
  7. During summer 07 i saw so many bikes at the beach going to the beach. BIKES were everywhere it was a sign from god. So i listened to god. My mates didnt now they still drive and cry about parking and cry about everything else to do with bikes.

    Just get the Learners permit nothing major...well only the ticket to crotch rockets.
  8. since high school, my mates and i said we'd get bikes together. 10 years on, im still waiting. so one day out of the blue i decided to book my pre-leraner course (much to the surprise of my wife). my course is at st ives next week. so don't wait too long amigo :wink:
  9. Haha, don't worry about it. The course here (ridersafe) doesn't really leave much time to worry about who you are with anyway. Most of it is watching videos, listening to the lecturer or riding around. They cram a fair bit into the time so appart from being able to bounce off each others excitement at the start and end it's not a huge deal.

    Just go and have fun and then catch up with some netriders at a coffee night or something(Something I am yet to do because I don't know any netriders here, even on the internet, so I would feel weird just turning up, I'll make it some day).