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Who Else Is Stuck At work today?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BoogieMan, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. ..Just like any other day.... Get back to work you lazy Sod!!!

  2. ..A day where EVERYONE can relax and unwind...

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  3. ..an oppertunity for each person to CHOOSE if they want to work for a higher rate...

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  4. ..a fascist Union workplace reigime by-product.. :P

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  1. This will apply more to the Victorians amoung us......

    But how many people had to work anyway??

    I Stuck at work even tho I'm full time..... and I was supposed to have had the day of but 'we're short staffed' said my team leader who recently fired one of my co-workers...

    All I can say is Lucky for HIM he turned up today!!!! and that they're paying me double time and a half!!! :D

    I decided to add a poll as well for the sake of a question I heard raised on the Radio...
  2. Working, but get days in lieu for it over Christmas, fair shake if you ask me. And it's a cruisy day here too :)

  3. Yep I'm at work, although I'm in Qld so thats normal. The buggers here are having a "lunch" for a couple of hours around the race but I really couldn't care less about gg racing so I'm going to jump on the bike and head home for an "Extended Lunch".
  4. Well, it's not a holiday in NSW, but it might as well be for the number of people who are 'switched off' for the day. Still, it's a good opportunity to plan for the coming months.....
  5. Wish i was at work . Have to go to the adams family (in-laws) for a birthday. :( :(
  6. lol @ midnight, curb your enthusiasm mate :)

  7. I'll be going to work, think I get double pay though.
  8. Yeah, I'm stuck at work.

    Providing the unintelligble to the unintelligent.

    Still, be free at about 2.30.


    Hey, what is a 'fascist' union? Usually anti union.
  9. yup, stuck at work.
    my condolences for others in same situation.

    I get penalty rates for working pub hol, but problem is- the extra money is going to be spent on fixing my bike which I dropped this morning, co-incidently on my way to work, which means I could have stayed home and come out on top!
  10. Not a public holiday outside of Melbourne but might as well be given the number of places that are shut anyway (of course rural towns/cities also have their own cup day holidays).
  11. Ditto. Although my day is no different to any other day here.
  12. I actually got the day off today, surprisingly. I am on call however, "what? you called me? the phone must have been on silent!". So far, so good, no calls to speak of. But, the day is still young.
  13. Yup. Stuck at work, looking after the people who are broken down.

    Have a RACV van positioned at Flemington. So far pretty quiet around there breakdown-wise. Might change later (but the next shift will be here then).
  14. Also at work atm...I haven't been doing work for months now, it's become ridiculous...anyway my manager still thinks I'm doing work and that's why I've been asked to come in today.
  15. Finished nightshift this morning (technically, as far as our rosters go, it was a Tuesday nightshift). Up at 1pm. So knackered. Beautiful out. No energy to open the garage door, let along go for a ride.

    In any case, anticipating a call to go in tonight for an overtime shift.

    Edit: and I just got "the call". Back to bed, if I can sleep in this heat. The O/T will pay for the new tyres that the CBR1000 needs...
  16. The joys of working for yourself.... What's a public holiday???

    Just another day in the office for me. Have got heaps done without the phone ringing every 3 minutes.

    Even managed to score a $300 credit from Vodafone arguing with them, was well worth it! :D And I didn't have to sit on hold for 2hrs!

  17. In Tas it isn't a holiday, but try and find a public servant after 2:00 or any mid-senior manager anytime except the pub/casino/racecourse.
    (no disrespect to ALL the PS, I realise a lot do take their work seriously)

    Penalty rates.... whats that? I had to negotiate a "salary package" which includes all overtime etc. (Mr Howards' reforms are already out there, be afraid, be very afraid.)

    Trying to do your job and fix IT issues, but try finding/contacting the "complainant" to get info, tell them the solution, even just ascertain the real issue... good luck. Tomorrow it's "why isn't it fixed yet"

    Personally I think having a holiday for a dungbag race is a bit rich.
    It's just a dungbag race after all, whats next, move the flogball final to a Wednesday and have a holiday? F1 GP to Thursday, another... MotoGP Friday. :D , Victorian Pub Darts final to Monday.

    (putting on the flame proof suit, asbestos jocks, etc)
  18. I had a uni exam today at 2:30 so the entire day was ruined for me too.
    And just to rub it in they held it at caulfield racecourse just so we knew what we were missing out on. :evil: :evil:
  19. Umm.. Well.... Yes.... I got the day off, HOOOYAH!!!

    Finally able to get my way for once :p