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Who else is going to see ACADACA?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hell YEAH !

  2. No Thanks

  3. Who??

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  1. Stoked! Got tickets to the 3rd AC/DC concert.
    Haven't seen these guys since the Myer Music Bowl .. yeah centuries ago.
    Managed to get tickets for arena 3. Not sure if its standing/sitting.
    Should be a blast ! \:D/

  2. In my opinion they were never the same after Bon Scott passed away. Don't get me wrong... they're still a top band but Bon had that special touch.
  3. I don't like their music that much.

    As iconic as they are, I'd be happier with the $150.
  4. +1
    Brian's voice is close ... but will never replace Bon Scott. RIP
  5. wheres the poll question for missing out on tickets
  6. I gots em! Same show I think...

    It'll be good for me, my first concert was AC/DC, the Razors edge tour, as a fresh faced 8 year old! Good times :grin:
  7. news.com.au reports that scalpers are already cashing in on the early sales :LOL:.
  8. I used to see ACDC for free in the UK (in the 70's)...they were a relatively unknown Aussie band doing the pub rounds at the time.

    Yes..I AM old!! :LOL:
  9. I missed out on tickets. Slept in. And I flatly refuse to buy from a scalper :-(
  10. One of the young guys at work made the mistake of mentioning the concert when me and the boss were around.

    Now he is going to the concert with his two bosses. Embarrassment time.

    Now I've just got to find some skin tight black jeans and a flanno.
  11. +1. Different generation.
  12. Guys check out the Live at Donnington DVD if you haven't already. By far and away the best live gig I've seen. The boys really know how to put on a show.
  13. Got my ticket and can't wait! Thurs night dancefloor section. :grin:
  14. Got a ticket with some mates
    Have been listening to acadaca all this week just because!
  15. I wouldn't have minded but I'm a bit skint at the moment. Plus having seen the aforementioned live vid, I'm not sure there'd be that much new to see. Think I'll save my dough 'til the next time Maiden is in town, and in the mean time see more obscure death and black metal bands...
  16. $150 goes a long way towards tyres...

    I think tyres sound better too.
  17. I have to say... I'm so sorry to everyone that missed out on tickets. It totally sucks. I have a friend that logged on right on time and couldn't get any tix. While I'm not interested in seeing them, when I saw The Police live last year, I had to buy my tickets off some loser on ebay who'd marked them up. But they're my favourite band and it was the only chance I'd ever get to see them live (most likely) and I wasn't going to miss it for the world, so I paid.

    So yeah, for those that missed out, I sympathise, and it infuriates me that people take advantage the situation, mark up the tickets by hundreds knowing that someone who's desparate to go will fork out.
  18. Long time lurker first time poster.

    Hells Yeah i got my tickets! Got a few for the melbourne saturday night show. I'm fortunate to know someone who works at ticketmaster so he just secured the tickets for me without me having to go through the effort.

    While I'm at it, if anyone has 2 general admin tickets for the 2nd melbourne show (Sat 13/2) and would like to swap for 2 general admin tickets for the 3rd show (mon 15/2) please let me know coz two mates i planned on goin with got tickets for the wrong night. If anyone would be interested in the swap or knows anyone who might be please let me know or PM me! Cheers guys.
  19. Yep - finally got them after trying all morning - thank goodness for the 3rd show.

    When I texted my GF to tell her, she called and before I could even say 'hello', she screams 'FCUK YEAH!!!!!!' down the line - I love my GF - both for music tastes and personal language content :LOL:
  20. Does she have a Sister?