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who else is going to buy gear when the dollar hits 1.00+

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by licensed, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    So who else is going to buy gear online when the Australian dollar hits around 1.00 or higher? :p

  2. Yes. "gear".
  3. I'd probably get a pipe if I could afford anything. No cash at the moment. Bloody good time to be buying overseas, no matter what you are after.
  4. I'm more interested in the yen!
  5. Why do you think it will reach 1.00?
  6. Unlikely, if your referring to us vs. the U.S Dollar. They'll just buy a heap of our currency again and send it straight back down. Good in the long run, not so great for us in the now.
  7. the dollar hitting 1.00 US???

    take a deep breath.... hold it... hold it... hold it.....
  8. Maybe I'll finaly get the aftermarket exhaust I've been lusting after since, oh, April 2008...
  9. I've already bought some @ 82c a couple of months ago.

    I'm actually planning a trip to the US while the transatlantic flights to LA/SF is still so cheap ! \\:D/

    I swear, I've benefited more from the GFC than I'd imagine. Interest rates are down, petrol is down, cash stimulus, sharemarket rally.... the only downside is the salary freeze this FY. :?
  10. don't think it will hit a dollar.......... but will definately be looking at some when it hits 90c. Can never have too much bike gear.
  11. im already looking to buy a pair of pants from the states, its already so much cheaper to do so
  12. even when our dollar was shit, it was alot cheaper to do so. Im gonna buy some A* Goretex gloves and icon overcoat. **** Melbourne weather.
  13. What am I going to buy when the AU$ hits 1 US$?

    Some US$... then when the AU$ goes down again I'll get rid of them :)
  14. What international sites are you guys buying the gear from?

    Any recommendations other than ridersdiscount.com?
  15. Buy it if it's worth it at whatever the current fx rate is. Trying to guess on future fx movements is nothing but speculation anyway.
  16. Just remember that you can't use helmets bought from overseas as they don't have the Australian Standards sticker
  17. You can't???

    My last few lids have been purchased from OS.

    One from the US and the other from the UK. Have been using them for years - no dramas....
  18. Legally not illegally.
  19. And even if the helmets were horribly bad and made out of painted cardboard he wouldn't really know until he crashed into something.
  20. Do you really think BSI and DOT/Snell (since he bought in UK & US) standards allow selling painted cardboard?

    I do agree that having an AS sticker is important, but ONLY because of legal issues -- not safety, as there are plenty of other safety standards that I'd trust just as much as the AS.