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Who else here rides an across?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by grim32, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Just wanted to see who else here rides an across. I think they are great ( bit slow maybe) but a lot of people seem not to like them?
    So if you ride one and have done any mods to it can you please post up.

    Ive just painted mine with a new screen, blinkers, mirrors, grips, bar ends,camera mount and just put 8 nice big drill holes in the end of the exhaust, its quite loud now.


    After doing the throttle slide holders it ran a million times better but has anyone changed needle settings or jets in the carbs to get more performance out of them.
    Oh and how many kms per tank are you getting, im at about 210 before i have to flick to reserve.
  2. 210 is reasonable for an Across - I've heard much lower numbers! I reckon they're an alright bike, FWIW. Not sure how keen I am on yellow though. ;)
  3. Funny you should ask that question now; a year or more ago they were a very common Netrider bike (and the butt of many a joke.) Most Across riders have graduated to full license and bigger bikes....
  4. Maybe 160 odd kg dry; add say 20kg wet; add a 85kg person & the bikes
    pulling along up to 270kg.

    Low performance is to be expected. Postives are; at least it comes with a
    boot to store ya backpack, helmet & jacket. :grin:
  5. Nice colour. Any plans for the wheels to be polished? Post a pic of the pipe too please.
  6. Ive painted the wheels silver, not keen on polished wheels, the yellow is off the new 07 suzuki swift, i just went down to the dealership and asked for the paint code.
    Ill try and take a pic of the exhaust now but my camera doesnt take good pics at night. Ive heard of people smashing the baffle out of the center as well but i left that alone.
  7. [​IMG]


    Im not sure if it goes any better or not, first ride felt slower everywhere. Now it feels as if its lost a bit down low and up high but the mid range it feels a bit better, probally just my imagination but just deciding wheather or not to play around with the carby settings.
    My mate has a GSXR600 with a full yoshi exhaust, if anything i would say mine is a touch louder than that now :eek:
  8. I used to make sure the bike was well serviced, fresh oil is a must - make sure chain tension is right and then put 95 octane fuel in it. For a twofiddy I thought they had good power. An Aussie delivered bike had more power Internet resources say.
  9. Yeah but as MG mentioned they have a good amount of weight. I look after the bike really well with servicing and stuff like that, if it needs anything ill just do it and not put it off, but i love to ride the wheels off the thing too lol.
    Maybe i should just concentrate on my upgrade(11 months :eek: ) and just take the across for what it is, lol but i like to play with and modify stuff :grin:
  10. Late model 1000cc bikes are only about 10kg heaver.
  11. LOL with 4 times the power. Dam i want an upgrade :cry:
  12. You still got plenty of time for that dude. Youre still young. :wink:
  13. I'm still riding an across.

    They are 163kg dry, so definately one of the heaviest, but also one of the tallest (but damn skinny) 250's.

    Mine used to carry my other half who is over 100kg and 6'2" and it survived (although some would say only just)

    I find that if I run it on the BP Ultimate or Mobil 8000 (personally i stick to the mobil) it gets better fuel economy. My other half did the bafflectomy to my across when he had it. I believe that it didnt affect the power much, but the fuel consumption went up. At the moment it needs some work done (service and lean it out a bit) so im only getting 145km to the red (maybe 155km to reserve, hard to tell cause i fill up at about 140) To be getting close to 200km from a tank, sounds like something else has been modified (i think changing the gearing slightly can have this effect, not completely sure, but something has been changed)

    Taking off it obvisouly hasnt got the power of the bigger bikes, but when up against other 250's, i still manage to leave most behind me (this could also be due to my riding style and the fact that ive been riding an across for over 3 years). It will corner tightly and is the best in traffic. I am known to leave many more experienced riders with bigger bikes behind me in the heavy traffic. The across is so skinny that i can split much quicker and get through much tighter spots, some of my friends pull their mirrors in and still struggle. Although recently i have slowed back down a fair bit, as the across doesnt have as good brakes as some of the other bikes.

    But yeah definately a good bike. Learn how to ride it well and you will keep up with the bigger bikes in the tight stuff, ive even seen an across beat the bigger bikes when ridden well.
    I also know of one person that has gone to bigger bikes, but would love to jump back on the across cause you can really throw them around and push them to the limits.

    They are a great bike, enjoy the ride on them and let it help you to learn how to ride really well.

  14. My first bike was an Across. Great 250 to learn on. Really important that they are serviced properly to get the most out of them. Pretty thirsty with those huge carbies. I kept mine pretty standard and had no trouble selling it when the time came.
  15. I DO, I DO!

    Actually no, I don't that's my company falcon

    From what i've seen they're a good bike, go well and seem to hold their value quite well. Guess the main thing is that you enjoy it!

  16. "WARNING" Do not polish wheels, mine are polished and while they look good when clean they are only usually clean for 1/2 a day. Even after polishing them. A little water and they are dirty as. Like I said look great when clean but a hell of a lot of maintenance to keep em that way.
  17. Mate from work got his learners and bought an Across.

    Did a service on it for him the other week and found it easy to work on. Spark plugs were reasonably easy to get to BUT we could only get them out using a magnetic probe - be interested to see if others have other ways of enticing the little beasties out of the depths in which they reside.

    Pain having to remove the lower fairing to get to the oil filter. I thought the filter removal may have been a major pain: having to get behind the headers to get at the filter given the motor had to be run for a while to heat the oil up - d'oh!!

    Actually spun out when I had to clean and gap FOUR spark plugs!! Thought they were a parellel twin!

    Seem to be a reasonable scoot for a novice rider.

    Took more than the usual few cans of VB to do the service seeing as Mr Suzuki put a helemt holder where the tanks usually lives then putting the tank way out back somewhere!!
  18. After I removed/cleaned/gapped/refitted the plugs on my Across I realised what I was doing wrong. To do it properly you need a mirror on a stick and a helper monkey...