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who else has wood for the today tonight chick???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Guest, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. She's kinda hot in an obscure way... just hit the mute button & you'll see what I mean!!!

  2. LOL you idiot... hahaha
    il giv it a shot i rekns
  3. Strange...

    I don't remember eating carrots today
  4. Oh I've got wood for her allright, but not the type your thinking of.

    I hate Today Tonight and A Current Affair.
  5. 'Specially at the end when she says good night - she used to wink a lot but doesn't do that so much anymore. Lucky she can't read my mind - she'd probably run from the studio screaming :LOL:
  6. You and Robert Doyle both (so the story goes) !!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  7. Something about her I dont like. Sandra Sully gets my vote :)
  8. Dont you reckon she'd go banana's between the sheets?

    Whats her name anyway?
  9. What are you on, she is fcukin terrible! She oozes this distasteful good girl nanny persona... cant stand her.

    Give me Paris Hilton anyday!!
  10. Naomi Robson.

    She looks better on TV than in real life.

    Shes only about 5 foot nothing.
  11. A female Ray Martin.... shudder
  12. Yep, Sandra gets my vote too :shock: :grin:

    and Lavinia Nixon =P~
  13. I wanna hit Lavinia across the forehead with a Kookaburra Cricket Bat

  14. We're still on 'mute' aren't we? She's annoying as hell to listen to, but shove something in her mouth to shut her up and all's good.........................................any suggestions? :grin:
  15. Shhhhh!

    I'm seeing Naomi Robson on the side, but it's nothing serious...she's just my current affair! :grin:
  16. my job is to review the anchor girls... well sort of :p and rebecca maddern - channel 7, 4:30pm news gets my vote.

    naomi robson isn't a bad sort, i think she was better a few years ago though, nowdays she's looking a bit.. plastic. (note: aren't e-standards great.)
  17. Tracy Grimshaw is better than Naomi. Even that donut eater Mel is better than Naomi (Who came up with that name for Mel anyway?? :LOL: )
  18. Naomi spelled backwards is I moan, Id sure hit it!
  19. Naomi Robson was in a movie I saw once, playing HERSELF READING THE NEWS and she couldn't seem convincing.

    I'd bang it, but only out of pure celebrity fetish. Indira Naidoo, now that kinky little thing would work up a steam in the boudoir... :grin: