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Who else forgot to change their clocks?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Messy, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Got to work at 4pm instead of 5pm today.

    edit: Was a bit drunk :D. Probably should have looked at my phone today too... might have noticed then!

  2. My iPhone changed by itself, my desktop computer changed by itself and my laptop changed by itself.

    That made me realize (even though I hadn't thought of it) that my bedside clock/radio was wrong (although it took me a few seconds of staring dully at the clock before a dim bulb went off in my head).

    I think I need an internet clock/radio, maybe a http://www.chumby.com/pages/chumby_one
  3. We woke "late", panicked to get ready to go to church at 9:00, then just as we were about to bolt out the door Mrs Hornet saved the day with "Hey, daylight saving's over!!"

    So we had a cuppa and some toast and went to church at the proper time :LOL:
  4. Hehehe. Nice one hornet :p.
    Well i never really did anything today that involved looking at a clock. I went for a ride, got home and had lunch, mowed the lawn etc, half washed down the bike, saw the time and got ready and left for work.

    I called the boss about 20min after i got here, asking if perhaps we ended up with a second night off (with a hopeful tone in my voice).
    He just laughed at me and yeah... the word dumbass was used :D! Good thing my boss loves me.
  5. instead of sleeping in, i got up about an hr too early!
  6. You should change your clock when you change your smoke alarm batteries, but I don't have any smoke alarms, so I just had to remember. Two clocks left to change.
  7. Similar story here so I'm tipping that my watches will catch me out as I don't wear them that often but at least it will force me to adjust the time in the car and correct the +8 minutes that the wife had it set for.
  8. One thing you can't change, no matter what you do, is a 4yo's body clock.

    Several weeks of adjustment to look forward to.
    <sigh> 5am </sigh>
  9. So it's already happened, and my clocks changed themselves, and I should just obey them and turn up to work tomorrow at the time which they call "10AM"?
  10. Who else forgot to change their clocks? Telstra apparently. They seem to have stuffed up the autocorrect for the last few years. In 2008 they did it a week early, this year it hasn't happened yet.
  11. hehe

    I used to have shifts at Aus Post where I started at 3am. My only alarm clock is my phone, and luckily my phone auto adjusts to EST.

    But... if I wanted to set the phone alarm to 2:30, how can I make the alarm go off 30 mins before I start work, and not 90 mins beforehand.. if I was working todays shift?
  12. Worked fine on my phone - it was showing the correct time when I got up.
  13. Just had a frantic morning as my girlfriends iPhone alarm went off an hour later than usual.... probably a bit late now but beware iPhone alarms which are preset.