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Who else can't sleep before a ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, May 4, 2008.

  1. Not commuting to work, but a day (or more) riding?

    I've only been riding again for a bit over three years after a 20 year layoff, and I really would have thought that at my age I wouldn't be waking up two or more hours before the alarm when a ride is on. But take a look at the first few posts on the list; here I am with a coffee and some toast, and it's two and a half hours before the meet time for a ride down the coast :roll:.

  2. I thought we didn't talk about this Paul??? :p :LOL:

    Twenty plus years of riding under your belt and it can still make you feel like you're a pup, you can't buy that brother. I remember the night before my first trackday, I tossed and turned and couldn't get off to sleep for the life of me. Then finally at around 2am I eventually nod off and find some rest, until 5am when i woke up again. :shock:
    I awoke feeling rested but i was buzzing. Then i took a look at the clock and saw i had three hours worth of sleep that was supposed to do me for a day long session at a racetrack. There was no way I stood a chance of going back to sleep, but 3hrs??? I wasn't feeling confident about the day ahead, I wondered if I wouldn't be asleep in the pits by lunch time while everybody had their fun.
    Turns out not a chance. Once the adrenaline kicked in, i was.....awake :grin:
    Like you i get it on 'some' group rides also. But it's happened enough times now that i don't sweat it anymore. My biggest concern is the next day is usually a Monday. Three hours sleep and a day long spirited ride means I'm pretty well cactus for work on the Monday. I've had to take a day off once or twice. :oops:
    The best thing about being up early before a ride, is you don't have to rush, you really get to savour the ritual. You can take your time checking over your machine, maybe a little bit more polishing even though it doesn't need it. Go and park it out by the window so you can stare at it while you have your breakfast. You have time to warm up your leathers in front of the heater before you put them on. The sounds and the smells that only a rider knows, listening to the press studs as they pop into place. Remembering which glove to put on first, or having time to look it up on Netrider, it's all good.
    When the opportunities arise, take the time to saviour being a rider. We are the chosen few, there will only ever be a small percentage who will know what it's like. There are people who are searching for what we've got, and we get to have it everyday. Enjoy.
  3. Same, I still have difficulty sleeping before a good ride. But then again I have problems sleeping most of the time :cry: :LOL:
  4. Same feelings here. Before any track day or big day ride, I'm restless the night before.

    It's one of the most wonderful feelings for humans that lets you know that you're still alive: anticipation.
  5. Damn! and I thought I was bad, wanted to sleep until 6am but I wake up at 4am just to go for a simple 4 hour ride up and over the Tablelands EG: Cairns, Up the Gillies to Atherton, Ravenshoe, down the Palmerston to Innisfail, Then trundle back up to Cairns
    Simple quick ride I do quite often, but I still get excited thinking about it!

    I end up leaving at 5, At least the cars on the Gillies range is minimal at that time of morning! :p
  6. I reckon it happens to most of us. Doing the spur today, for some cornering practice with raven and pinx. I must've woke up half a dozen times during the night. Then got up at around 6:30am. I dont leave til after 9:00 :shock:
    ** Clarification: They don't need the practice .. I do :p
  7. I only got 4 hrs sleep last night due to a night out and thought that I may be too tired to ride today.

    I went for a ride yesterday too but looking at the weather report yesterday and when I stuck my head out the window, today feels like a spring day!!............all that tiredness just melted away.

    The feeling is amazing.........you can't describe it, its in the blood!!!!
  8. paul arent you sposed to be buying a new bike soon?
    THAT"S what i wouldn't be able to sleep before!
  9. I'm with cheffie, it only happens to me before a trackday.
  10. I just got back from two days of riding around NE Vic. We had planned to depart our meeting point at 10.30am. Thing is, I tend to rock up late, but on Saturday morning I woke at 5am. Got up for a leak. But then I could not get back to sleep. Ending up dragging myself out of bed around 8am and got ready to leave.

    This morning, woke up in the motel, again, around 5am. I had problems getting back to sleep, again. I think I dozed for a while.

    Today was a long day for me, helped along by the after-effects of Jim Beam, I think. As I type this I am waiting for bed time, so I can hit the phart saque. Unfortunately the missus has washed the doona so I gotta wait til it dries.

    Generally though, I don't have too many problems getting to sleep before a big weekend like this, or the bigger three day rides. But it's a pain when you don't get enough sleep. It affects me, at least, when I'm on the bike. I can't ride as I'd like to. But then, getting old, that's increasingly more common...
  11. Not having had any riding experience during summer, it's a bit touch and go depending on the weather... So I haven't got to bed yet knowing I'll definitely be doing a ride the next day.

    I normally sleep in for hours but as soon as I see the sun is up and out, I'm geared up and out the door within 30-45 minutes :)

    Like this morning! :p
  12. It took me forever to get to sleep before my first track day. I was so excited everytime I'd close my eyes all I could see was bikes. I did the old "empty your mind" things but all that did was have me concentrate on not thinking about anything and eventually I'd drift back to thinking about bikes.....
  13. i know what you mean, but its like a few have already said, only on the big rides. no track days for me yet.
    flux said, its anticipation. only for those rides that ive thought a fair bit about, all the planning going in, etc. like when i had the roadtrip to sydney, leave at 5 or 6am or something i cant remember haha, but i know i wanted to be well rested, yet i struggled to get to sleep, and awoke a bit before my alarm.
    yes still, you've got all the energy in the world when you need it :)
  14. Same here Paul. Both track days and big rides, I sleep well, but wake early. Even on multiple (touring) days. It actually allows me to prepare better for the day ahead, without rushing it. Hasn't changed with age yet either.
  15. I have been riding for over 25 years (scary eh) and ride everyday

    And yes I still wake up early for a ride

    gotta love it
  16. And I thought that was just us noob and noobish riders who did that :LOL:

    The night before my first NR ride, I got about 4hrs sleep. Once I'm asleep I'm usually ok, but takes ages to nod off in the first place. Of course, once the alarm goes in the morning I'm up and buzzing :grin:
  17. hehehe, that's why i thought we all agreed we weren't going to talk about it. The truths out there now though. :LOL:
  18. i cant sleep, just because each day is soooo exciting.
    i love going to work :roll:
  19. :WStupid: :LOL: :cry:
  20. only before trackdays is when it effects my sleep.....but for day rides it is always as i am suiting up or that first 50km or so of the first day (of tours) that it all hits me...... so am normally a bit cautious, until i get in the groove :)