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Who Doesn't Love Cake!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Peony, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. went to a birthday gathering last night and the awesome cake reminded me of the one I had made for my husband two years ago for his birthday - thought about posting the pic in photos from your ride!!!

    VFR1200 Birthday Cake.

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  2. happy birthday c@#t ?
    may as well just say what you really think.
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  3. Yum! Top effort that. Flavour?
  4. NosohNosoh there always has to be one!!
  5. it was a chocolate mud cake
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  6. The cake

    The bike

    pretty good effort but I got ripped on my top box and panniers.

    I've heard her mutter it under her breath more than once.
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  7. My birthday is coming up. I ride a blue Suzuki gsx1250. If ya got nothing else to do. Big effort!
  8. HOTRODHOTROD - if only I were that talented I would certainly give it a try - someone else made it - though my raspberry sour cream tea cake has won an award!!
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  9. Outstanding!!!
  10. Hey Peony if Uncle Greg wants a cake, ask what shape he's looking for. He has other interests apart from bikes. Be very very careful.
  11. Nice cake...

    And that too chocolate...