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who does their own welding?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by spongesam, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Just wondering who does their own welding?

    Related or unrelated to bikes...
    Just after someone to get me some basic skills if someone's willing to show me some stuff?

    i think that's all for now
  2. Are you talking metal or plastic welding?
  3. I weld, Though I keep my mig welder at a friends place and plastic welders are just to damn expensive to lend out for lessons.

    Welding lesson 1~bright lights, don't look into the lights.

    welding lesson 2~ the bright end is the hot end

    welding lesson 3~ just because it aint bright any more, don't mean it aint still hot.

    welding lesson 5~ you can teach a monkey to weld in 5 minutes but it can't set the welder.

    Welding is dead *uckin easy, as always the quality of the finished items depends on the preperation.

    I usualy offer free welding lessons for $10.
  4. Quality depends on the grinding capabilities to hide your stuff ups or overwelding in my case.
  5. I don't weld. but my boyfriend is a good welder. we've got a mig at home.
  6. Maybe you need to be a bit more specific and state what you wish to weld. Makes it easier to work out if you need help with oxy-acetylene, arc, MIG or TIG.
  7. But they're free.. right? :shock:
  8. i was looking into this too recently. there is a few tafe course in melbourne that looked alright to me. you can do them as night school a few hours a week and they dont last that long. could be the best idea if you are planning to do any welding by yourself. google melbourne tafes and check out the course guide. being tafe they will cost under $500 which is a bit, but probably is the best way to learn some good metal skills.

    does the $10 cover the beer cost then?? :p :p :p
  9. Well said.
  10. was talkin metal welding...

    and how much is this free weekend?...
    and what are you charging us for the free weekend?

    but yeah on a serious note...

    i just don't have welding stuff anywhere near me...
    and i understand the principle...

    but i'm not paying $500 to do a course in it
  11. Visit your nearest friendly exhaust and brake mechanic,take a big 1 of these :grin: take a slab of beer under your arm,ask nicely,and you may get the result you want. :grin:
  12. Understanding the principal is very different from being able to do the job . As a boilermaker I understand and can do steel but not aluminium alloys .
    They are like chalk and cheese when it comes to welding them . Best take your job to a pro esp if its for the bike. :grin:
  13. for better results, take import beer or crownies and if your a girl..... u know the rest
  14. I taught myself to weld. I bought a book called Welder's Handbook, and a GIG Easyweld arc welding kit from Kmart for $150 about 10 years ago. Initially frustrating, but I love my little CIG welder now, it's so handy.
    Mig welding is much easier than arc welding, but as said above, you have to pay attention to current settings, wire speed etc.
    The book is great because you can go a bit further into the welding process if you want to, or just pick up the basics.
    I'd also add, make sure you have a very good welding mask, long leather gloves, and long sleeved shirt. An arc welder wil burn your skin after a day's work as it gives off UV radiation. Self dimming masks are so cheap now I'd buy one of them first up.
    Grab yourself some steel bar, and practice the exercises in the book.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. cheers typhoon

    unfortunately i'm not blessed with what we know as jugs... but jugs of beer will do :p lol
  16. As an aside, does anyone have any knowledge in regard to the cheap 240 gasless migs available today and how they compare with the average home stick welder?
  17. I read the title quickly and thought it said who does their own WEDDING..... Now THAT would be a challenge :LOL:
  18. Yes. They are cheap. Poor duty cycle (won't weld for very long).
    Buy a half decent small brand name one, and use gasless wire(flux core) in the machine. A guy on Ebay sells SIP mig welders fror around $300 or so. They are a good brand, and affordable.
    Don't expect too much from these machines though, anything over about 1.5mm steel will be it's limit, then you'll have to step up to a cheap arc welder, or buy a decent Mig in the first place. Mig welding in the backyard is probably best suited to sheet metal, and the good old arc welder wil do anything else within reason (repairing trailers etc).
    A mig big enough to weld up trailers wil cost around $1k.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. yo spongesam i got a pdf for ya, pm me your addy.

    The Haynes Welding Manual
    by Jay Storer and John H Haynes
    Member of the Guild of Motoring Writers
    The Haynes Manual for selecting and using welding equipment
  20. I have oxy/lpg/ occasional acetylene when i can oky a small bottle on the gear sack rack. I recently bought a SIP gasless mig from repco yep the duty cycle is crap but i have welded up to 5 mm plate just stick some pre heat into it with the oxy. :twisted:

    For general repairs on frames etc i typically silver solder lugs and brackets on its easy and vey neat to do.

    For general frame repairs gussets etc i will braze weld with bronze sticks etc

    For heavy duty frame repairs busted steering head stops and steering head repairs its out with the mig

    I have found gas to be really good if your game you can weld ally quite well its how they used to do it in the days before tig. its also better for removing stuck bolts etc and frame straightening its pretty easy to pull a subframe straight if you can stick some heat into it.

    I would gas weld more oftern than the mig to be honest my other hobby is model steam engines / boilers so lots of silver soldering etc.

    I would offer to give you a hand with some tips etc but my bedroom and ensuite at home is a gutted shell and my lovely wife would kill me if work was to stop for a garage session at the moment :roll: :roll: :roll: