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Who does speak for Victorian Motorcyclists

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. If I wanted to support a lobby group that voice's the concerns of the Victorian Motorcyclist, who would I support? Do we have an effective lobby group?

    This is my own opinion, and being my own opinion I'm allowed to voice it, and be abused for doing so.

    From what I have seen and read since getting my bum back on a bike the MRA do a great job of organising GP and Toy Runs, but the NO TOLL's ride was a joke....... and I rate there political sway as poor.

    Who is the VMU, where can I read/see/hear about what they have done.

    I know my limitations, politics, tact and diplomacy are three thing I sadly lack ability in, (among just a few) but I would gladly give time/money and physical support to an effective lobby group.

    So the questions remains, who does speak for the Victorian Motorcyclists?
  2. Nobby isn't this a carry-over from the other thread???
  3. No because if I put it in the other thread it would still be part of the other thread, but by putting it in this thread it becomes a thread on its own and I do not run the risk of this thread being absorbed by the other thread thereby making this thread an invisible thread which would make this thread null and void as you would not be able to see it in the other thread.

    question still remains......who does speak for the victorian motorcyclists?
  4. I've never seen so many threads in one thread!!
    Alright, heat aside and some light.
    Tell ME, how many motorcycle pressure groups are there in Vic, are they unified on this issue or is each seeking its own political 'place in the sun', how many people in Netrider are in these groups, and what gets done to fight these sorts of issues AND NOT EACH OTHER.
    I'm not having a shot at you, but while we 'bite and devour one another' there's a good chance that we'll be destroyed by each other. Then the bad guys win!!!
  5. It's not 'WE' you are not in Victoria.
    I know what it is, you feel threatened by the fact that a thread may exist that you should not contribute too.
  6. This is what I want to know.......... I would willingly support an active lobby group, I would just like an unbiased answer as to who is the most effective.
  7. Well mate, as you can see from the cynic sneer above, I'm not a Victorian, so I can't help with an answer, except to say that THAT is precisely why YOU have a problem........
  8. The MRA is the only democratically elected political representative body in Victoria. The VMU ceased to exist about 2-3 months ago. We may not be the political force the motorcycling world desires us to be but that's not to say we aren't trying.

    I agree the no tolls ride could have been better organised and better timed, 4pm on a Friday arvo isn't gret timing, having said that, we're still the only motorcycling advocacy group that advocated for NO Tolls and that remians our stance.
  9. Hornet600 - as you can see, the great fear in Victoria is that we might end up with something in Victoria that works - like MCNSW. Then what would all these blowhards do to fill in their spare time?

    So, here's my suggestion.

    Don't bother trying to sort out all the crap between the (non-existent) VMU, the MRAA, VMAC and all the others. Wind all of them up or just ignore them and let them bore each other to death with their endless bitching about who did what to whom. Dragging up ancient history was a past-time on this forum long before rcHonda36 came along.

    The rest of us can apply to MCNSW to amend its constitution to allow it to represent Victorians. They can't do any worse.
  10. Currently there is one group that is primarily political thats the MRA
    there is also a group call the VMC that was/is trying to get a formation similar to the MCCNSW.

    So what to do

    a) everybody join the MRAA and get some clout up behind it.
    b) get the club/s you are invloved in involved in the VMC
    c) start yet another organisation

    before the howls of derision start ,

    If people where really serious about this , they'd get as many people to join the MRA as possible , (more hands make lite work) making it big enough to be able to employ at least 1 fulltime person, someone to attend all the meetings, send of media releases etc etc. This is hard to do when everyone is working and trying to do all these things as work/home permits.

    With a huge engaged membership , the law of averages would seem to say the people ,knowledge and experience base available to be on the board would improve. And it's function changed slightly to become the focal point of a large base of information and research help from the larger membership base. This information would then be directed a policies around various subject areas, for the members and the emploee to disseminate.

    Like the BMF etc the MRA could then look at starting a commercial arm , insurance, accessories etc becoming more self sufficient and beneficial to members.

    Unfortunately the current state of the motorcycling communities ills is not the fault of the MRA, VMU, VMC or the IRA. It falls solely and squarely on the community itself,
    we continually wait until someone smacks us in the face , then whinge because some else didn't stop them.

    Until we let go of the personalities and historical events , we'll get what they decide to gve us.
  11. Well said. I get the impression certain people don't like those in charge at the MRA. Fine, certain Labor voters don't like Kim Beazley. Doesn't mean you throw faeces at them all the time. Unity is required if you want to get anywhere. If we agree that the MRA is the sole body, then those who want to make a difference should sign up and try to get elected, and get rid of the 'dead wood'. If the MRA's name is sullied, start a new organisation and step up to the plate, and force the MRA to become obselete. Until you're willing to do that, get behind the only (however poor it may be) representation, we've got nothing else, and the government is walking all over us.
    Sometimes people just don't know when to stop posting. Must be a small 8==D thing IMHO.

    Cheers 8)
  13. There are some good people in MRA victoria, but the organization has so much (often negative) history that they will IMO never manage to achieve significant membership.

    OTOH because MRA in Vic exists it is very difficult for a new organisation to get the start up numbers off the ground.

    Which sort of leaves victorian motorcyclists stuck between a rock and a hard place :(
  14. If you keep looking at the past yes it is, try looking forward instead, if we all put as much effort into looking forward as we did in looking back, we'd be bigger than star fleet
  15. The problem with the MRAA as I see it is that it still believes in not getting information out there to non members. They cannot claim that they speak/serve all Victorian riders if they are only speaking to/with only their members.
  16. This IS the a major problem within Vic at the moment. The last cock up they performed was under the guise of all riders as per usual

    Cheers 8)
  17. The problem in victoria is VICTORIAN MOTORCYCLISTS.
    They are the biggest bunch of appithetic bastards ever to put there arses in the seat of a bike.
    They think that its everyone elses job to fix the problems and that they will only do anything when its too late.

    forget blaming the lobbys , the buck stops with the riders who fail to support anyone but themselves.
    Victoria will NEVER have a effective lobby , the mraa is trying but with limited members and its history is fighting a losing battle , VMAC well thats a frigging joke , so whats left ? nothing .

    there my two cents worth
    if yopu think I am joking ask vic how many times things were orginised and riders failed to turn out and support it.
  18. Come on you have had too many drinks, that is a big call saying "They are the biggest bunch of appithetic bastards ever to put there arses in the seat of a bike" it's up to the organisations to get riders to events, not riders to chase organisations.
    Don't think you will be listened to with comments like that!
  19. As a result of my current domestic relations, I have been to functions of several disability/service community organisations here in Brisbane. They are incorporated bodies with small memberships and they all have at least 1 full time person to do the functions helina outlines above.

    Now I know that the disabled are generally considered more "worthy" than motorcyclists and therefore they would probably receive more government funding than a recreational organisation, but couldn't partnerships or sponsorships with businesses in the motorcycle industry be a source of such funding?

    Of course the MRA would probably need to be more highly regarded...

  20. If they want the support they need to consult with more than just their members.

    There are many clubs out there with many members, those are the orgs that they need to get on side.

    Get one body from each club/org and sit everyone around a table and discuss shit.

    It is no good waking up one morning and saying "we the riders will do this today" consultation with everyone is the only answer.

    If they are only interested in talking with current financial members then they are doomed.

    Oh and Groberts is right, appathy is the biggest hurdle.