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Who does bike fairing repairs??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. I see that there are specific motorcycle repairers for panel work etc. Why?? Why can't/won't a normal panel beater repair and paint fairings? Is it because of the fibreglass material?

    Can you repair panels yourself and just have a panel beater paint them for you?

    Trying to save cash :) and want a bit of a challenge to fix it myself.
  2. Normal car spray painter does not know the techniques for painting farings.. and they can stuff them up a fair bit... mostly they will have the paint running every where...

    BUT yes if you do your own prep work (mostly sanding and repairing) there are some painters who can do it and do it well.

    Doing the repairs and doing the prep for the painting requires special tools but if you can be stuffed you can do a half deacent job just with things laying around the house... It ususaly means weeks and weeks of sanding by hand :(

    Best bet is to find a friendly back yard mech ;) I hear there is a fairing guru in Tayab so reasonably close to where you are?? and there is me in frankston but I'm moving out of a back yard...
  3. Contact David, Plastic Advanced Welding 97566136. THE PATCH. Great guy and does the job at great prices. I had a piece of the nose fairing missing and was quoted 180 to 350. This fella fixed it for just a $100 and also lots of small bits and pieces of my bike. He's a great fella and loves to talk and smoke. You might just get lucky. :grin:
  4. Original Finish is another company that does this sort of thing.. I havent been there for awhile, but back in my happy days when i owned a cbr600f i managed to lowside it at the end of a track day, and with transfers + a respray he got my bike back to original looking condition for a fraction of what it would've cost to get the fairing panels back in. Should still be in the white pages, and he's out in boronia.


  5. From the partners page;
    15% off all labour charges Plastic Welding, Frame Straightening, 2Pac Baked Enamel, Pick Up & Delivery Service, 3 year Warranty
    Original Finish Bike Repairs
    Fact 49/65 Canterbury Road
    Kilsyth Vic 3137
    Phone: (03) 9761 8033
    Fax: (03) 9761 8044
    Tyab and Bacchus Marsh is like comparing the North Pole with the South Pole :)
  6. You are absolutly correct... same stuff, same price just a different place...
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Yeah I had to find Tyabb in the map!

    Thanks guys :grin:
  8. LOL Now that is funny... I had a look up Bacchus Marsh too... It appears it is not near Kooweerup like I thought... :LOL:
  9. Hi All,
    the reason for paint not adhering to plastic fairings is incorrect primer.

    there really is no magic to doing fairings,
    they are plastic just like car bumpers, spoilers, rear wings etc,
    and are just as time consuming,

    Plastic welding is not very hard, is just soldering plastic,
    a "pyropen" brand name of a plastic welding torch $125 plus the filler rods.

    the main problem to paint plastic fairings
    is using the correct Plastic Primer,
    once you have it primed and the primer is cured,
    is like painting any other surface.

    Also use fairly smooth grades of wet and dry,
    and rub the fairings wet, less scratches that way.
    Strip the graphics, a heat gun works well, but dont melt you panels,
    then strip off the paint,
    approx 150 grit, test on inside of panel, don't want to scratch the plastic too deep.
    then rub back wet with 240 grit,
    prime, cure, then etch prime,
    wet rub with 320 then 400.
    spray with an undercoat or poly primer,
    rub again wet 400 grit, and then 600 if you want really smooth,
    then apply colour, and clear. DONE.
    when rubbing back to smooth the surface, use a guide coat,
    like a black acrylic paint sprayed on very lightly, so can see where any imperfections are, and see where you have rubbed.

    This is the basics of what I learned as an apprentice spraypainter,
    was at a bike smash repairer for a little while.

    All of this can be done at home, just keep all your parts clean and dust free and can get a good finish.

    Have fun

    the reason most panel beater dont do bike fairings is because most car plastic is unbolt damaged part, throw in bin, bolt on new part,
    send to spraypainters to deal with.
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  11. Has anybody ever bought the Plastex stuff? How much do you generally need to replace, say, a mounting tab?

    How many uses do you get out of the small kit? Im thinking of buying some if its going to be cost effective....