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Who do you think is more at risk?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kurtis_Strange, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. A rider who rides every day in heavy city traffic but puts a lot of hours in on his bike and knows it well

    or a rider who is equally confident on their bike but just uses it for recreation on weekends and the occasional weekday and primarily rides out on the open road?

  2. The rider that doesn't anticipate the car coming through the intersection even though the bike has right of way.

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  3. Well horses for courses... someone who commutes only in the city probably isn't as safe in the country twisties as someone who mostly rides in the country twisties.

    But OTOH someone who rides mostly on country roads probably isn't as safe when in heavy city traffic.

    One develops automatic responses after a time, and those responses are best 'honed' for the type of riding that one does most.

    But riders are individuals (well... except for harley riders :) and they have different riding skills... what I typed above is a generalization and really applies to individuals and shouldn't be used to compare people's riding skills.

    It should rather be used by the riders themselves to be more aware of where thier strengths and weaknesses lie.
  4. According to what I've recently read in "The Riding Bible" its the 2nd category which not only surprised me, was a little disconcerting 'cos that's pretty much what I do :?
  5. does the city rider also go out on weekends?...... thats where most riders die at high speeds is that not true?

  6. well it was kinda an A or B question, but I guess it is hard to pigeon hole as there are so many variables.
  7. There are so many different answers to that. Chance, probablity and logic, etc etc. But yeah, there are so many variables. I think the weekend rider is at more risk. Less hours, unpredictable traffic, more likely(guess) to be exceeding skill level.
  8. I'm an everyday commuter, and a weekend rider, so in this case it's the same skill/experience level for both, based on my experience, I feel much more at risk commuting.

    So many more "variables" due to more traffic, more city riding and therefore more to watch out for (intersections, pedestrians etc)
    The general "rat race" attitude of everyone on the road, stinking taxi's and literally stinking busses.

    Weekends & touring, more relaxed, less attitude (me) less traffic.
    I do agree that a "weekend only" rider may be more at risk due to potentially less time in the saddle, but that same rider in the city would still be at a higher risk level... IMHO

  9. Let's assume that both riders have a good idea of their limits, and do their best to ride within them.

    Given that scenario, I think the city rider has to be at much greater risk. There are far more factors over which he or she has no control.

    *scurries away to sell bike* :LOL:
  10. No, that's not true. Most rider fatalities occur in urban/metro area's in speed zones of 80km/h or less.
  11. IMO commuters are at less risk as they generally keep reasonable buffers up their sleeve to allow for other road abusers and crap on the road. They need to ride more conservatively to keep out of trouble and generally are moving at the traffic speed.
    The sole weekend warrior rider picking the twisty roads and dry weather can be a risky proposition as they are deliberately trying to ride the bike hard in many cases. I recon your crash stats would show a higer per capita crash ratio of riders on the popular weekend haunts vs accidents in city traffic.
  12. like Iffracem i too commute everyday and then also ride on the weekend and feel more at risk, on the commute to and from work.... there so many factors which you just can't control, during that time.....
  13. Not in Victoria they don't, according to the TAC data 54% of fatalaties actually occur in rural Victoria and 59% occured in areas with a speed limit of 100kph or more. I think the original question depends on what you are most at risk of. Seems the recreational rider is probably more likely to have a fatality but the daily city commuter is probably more likely to have an accident (since the stats show that most accidents at intersections or involving other vehicles occur in Melbourne).