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who do you hate on the box..?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Smitty, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Yes
    its your chance to get back at Eddie or Gretel
    who really pisses you orf on the 'box?
    Now you can hit back at that crappy TV show
    just who do you hate...?

    vote now


  2. both of them
  3. cast my vote
    I like the "eddie's " award thats a pisser:)
  4. It's a tie between Tim Bailey, Ray Martin and Hary Potter.
  5. Eddie is a wanker. I love seeing the dummy spit when people correct his pronounciation on Millionaire. Its like remedial reading class with some of the questions he asks. Ray Martin needs a slap, and ACA needs to be removed from the air. I don't think that Mothers Against Cordial need a peak viewing time platform.
  6. I hate any reality TV show accept the Amazing Race. Can't stand Big Brother, Survivor, etc and any Lifestyle programs such as Getaway, Home Improvements, Hot Auctions....lifestyle....whose lifestyle?...certainly not mine.
  7. ray martin and sam newman.. followed closely by rex hunt,

    eddie mcguire is a given

    everybody hates him
  8. bwahahahhahahahahahahaha.... so ummmm, what do you watch then? that leaves you with about 2.5 hours of veiwing per day between all the channels :LOL:
  9. haha! too funny! chnl 7 gets my vote for being FUGLY!

    viva la sbs!!!
  10. I hate those bloody manufactured "reality" shows.

    Apparently a while back on English Big Brother there was a punch on. Whoever controls the footage decided that wasn't to be shown. The only realistic part of this "reality" show was not shown. :? :? :?
  11. Who do you hate on the box

    Definately Ray Martin.

    The man is as sincere as a door to door salesman...Sssnakey.
  12. all reality tv including (but not limited to) big brother, big brother 2, big brother 3, big brother 4, survivor, amazing race.. and of course <insert country> idol, X-factor.

    I'm even getting sick of law & order, CSI and related since they seem to be the only thing on besides reality
  13. Rove McManus;
    … has worst case of centre-of-the-universe-syndrome.

    if ever there is an interesting personality on his show,
    easily 50% of the interview content is Rove's own self importance.

    also his brand of humour is not funny.
  14. Lets see. I'm on the net at the moment because the missus is watching Dancing with the Stars
  15. I don't even like Dancing with the Stars, and i'm a dancer myself!!
  16. Got to give my vote to the ultra-disgusting Gretel - and I don't even watch that show! After her, Eddie is on what, every channel except ABC - he must have been cloned or something. Finally, a note must go to that clown that hosts "Survivor" (sometimes I catch the "credits" when hunting for something worth watching) - what a tosser.
  17. I'll spend a night with Gretel over Fathead Maguire any time. Least we only get her twice a week for three months a year. Having said that I don't like her or her show for that matter but still better than Fathead
  18. Another vote for Gretel.

    By the way - That Livinia Nixon lass is not too hard on the eye ;-)
  19. That Steve Irwin guy shits me...and I can't stand Bruce McAveny or whatever his name is....Darryl Somers should have stayed out of public view after the end of Hey Hey :shock: :twisted:
  20. Daryl Somers should have stayed out of public view BEFORE Hey Hey!!!!