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Who do these idiots in huge utes think they are?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by kolaemcee, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I've heard of and read many stories of fellow Netriders copping stick from cagers for seemingly innocuous acts, but this was the first such occasion for me.

    Last Thursday evening, was riding on Princes Highway Kogarah, heading southbound past the high school. Anyone who knows the area knows traffic can be held up around this part.

    I was in the middle lane (3 lanes) which had come to a stop. Left lane was still moving, so I waited for a chance to pull out. Had my indicator on while waiting. There was a reasonable gap in front of a big white ute, so I pulled out. He never had to slow down or anything, plenty of room.

    However he started tailgating me straight away, so I knew he was either not happy with what I'd done or was just a general loser thinking he's huge in a big ute. But the fun was only just beginning.

    Another road, Rocky Point Road, forks off the highway here and it's a single lane entrance. We both veered onto Rocky Point, and as soon as the road turned from 1 to 2 lanes he unsurprisingly came racing out past me in the adjacent lane. The matter in which he did it though was absolute lunacy. He must have put the pedal all the way down because he did a WILD fishtail after zooming out from behind me, and was EXTREMELY close to smashing into the back of a Corolla ahead. OK it was clear this guy was a maniac. I let him zoom off for a while.

    Red light further down the road, he was front of the lights. I filtered down and as expected, he opened the door on me before I got there. But then he gets out and yells...

    'what the f**k are you doing mate?? don't pull out on me like that! you're f**king lucky i don't f**king lamp ya for that mate!'

    Me: 'yeah like you almost smashed that car back there?'

    Anyway he zoomed off again, but about 3km down the road I met him again at more queued traffic. This time I was on his left and he was stopped in the right lane. As I approached his left he REACHED OVER to the passenger side, wound down the window and yelled out 'mate if you've got such a f**king big mouth let's just pull over now and go'... again he zoomed off and I pulled into a side road to chill out.

    Who do these d**kheads think they are? He calls me out for 'pulling out on him' when there was plenty of space. He was probably playing on his phone and didn't look up until I was already there, or had a fight with his bushpig wife and took it out on me. Either way, just because you drive an oversized 2.5ton ute, don't think you can just boss everyone else on the road. Get over yourselves.

    Rego details in case anyone else sees him around the St George area:

    2002 white Toyota Hilux 140
  2. I like that part about the ute. I drive a ute, so I must be one of those types as well.
  3. No need to generalise utes but there are a lot of F***wits like that out there on the road with loose wires and ready to explode (I've see similar behaviour from small cars as well). Drugs, booze, pissed off missus, bad day at work and then they see something on the road and vent it out. Why? Because they think they can! They wouldn't do that to a bigger vehicle. Just a my D*** is bigger than yours syndrome!

    Just ignore them. I usually do.
  4. Best advice... Ignore them and try to avoid them further up the road if possible. Not worth getting annoyed over and tense yourself up riding with.
  5. Hes not the only idiot on the roads... there are lots of em. You need to get away from em as soon as you can. Pull over or turn off and find another route .. whatever works in the situation. You did the right thing but try not to let it get to you too much ..not easy I know but you need to keep your own head straight to keep yourself safe.

  6. It's best to have idiots like this bloke in front of you where you can keep a better eye on them.
  7. More tatts, more weights, grow a beard.
  8. Kogarah = probably from the Shire.
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  9. ^^ More than likely, more than probably really.
    Bike + slow traffic + princes highway = split. What were you thinking mate? Better to just get out of there.
  10. 1 - I love a stereotype as much as the next guy, but probably nothing to do with the ute.

    2 - Don't put your self in a situation by filtering past someone you know is trying to start something, your just asking for it, let them go and rear end a car on their own.

  11. I'd been a bit shaken too. Best thing is the most difficult...let it go. Causes a bit of a chink in the manhood armour & leaves you thinking you're a pussy, but you still get to ride another day instead of lying in a hospital bed coz he decides to rear-end you!
  12. Come to think of it yeah he probably was a poor Shire soul.

    Princes hwy narrows down in the stretch along the school, too narrow to split.

    I never intended to try and get past him, but in hidnsight I probably should've stayed in traffic then as an easy way to get away from him, but I was a bit fired up at the time. Later on though when he threatened me yeah I eased off. In before 'drink some cement' cos this guy seemed like he was willing to run me over. 2.5 tonnes vs 160kg, I don't think so.
  13. Do they have hairy feet?
  14. why keep allowing for it(wankers and truly disrespectful/thoughtless behaviour). using a larger stick(car vs bike, truck vs car) as dutch courage is wrong. i'm really getting fed up with this attitude we seem to have in australia. 'this is shit, but lets do **** all about it'

    get these losers off the road. no warnings, just gone. if they then drive illegally, cut their arms off. any violence, when not in defence has no place on the roads.
  15. i hope you never break any road rules simonr23, its probably pretty hard to ride a motorbike without arms....
  16. You forget .. people drive the cars .. don't stereotype the style of vehicle, fourbie's, utes, camry's, other fucking motorbikes, their all operated by subhuman trogladites .. Sit Tall, Put On Loud Pipes and Split Like Fuck .. It works for me.
  17. i'm talking about violence on the road. using a vehicle as a deliberate weapon, where the other person(rider,driver) has to take avoiding action to save themself.

    i didnt mention speeding, splitting, nodding spastically, or other law breaking at all. by 'illegally' i meant, after losing their licence(in my foolproof and thoroughly thought out idea...)
  18. I drive a ute :p be nice ;) lol just let them go, its not worth the potential loss, take a deep breath and let it pass...you cannot control the stupidity and actions of other "road user" I say road users as unforunately there is a minority in each group of road user (cyclist, motorcyclist, car, truck, bus, taxi, mums in 4wds) control what you do and stay safe
  19. ...and smash a mirror off here and there to remind them we rule the roads not them. Fukk em
  20. Does a boot to a door count??
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