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Who dies with the most toys........

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. We are relentless consumers of technology in this country.
    When Skuff came to visit the other week and his car looked like the control panel at Cape Canavarel.
    So, what's your TC (Technology Count?)
    In this family we have
    16 computers
    2 PDAs
    4 mobile phones
    3 digital cameras
    That's between the 3 of us!!!!

  2. We have an INSIDE dunny and 7 HOT water taps...
  3. Looks around room.

    1 Amiga (Sensible Soccer anyone?)
    1 Powerbook
    5 PCs (4 currently on...got powerbill?)
    1 PS2
    1 Video scaler for PS2
    1 PDA
    2 Mobile phones
    1 digital camera
    1 iPod
    2 TVs
    1 Warwick Vampyre LTD bass (in black satin) /me hugs
    4 amps (bass, hifi, tube, headphone)
    2 CD players (NAD, Cary Transport)
    1 turntable
    4 monitors
    1 centre
    1 sub
    1 Rack o' DVDs
    1 Rack o' CDs
    1 Box o' Vinyl

    And I wonder why I'm stuck riding a hand-me-down CB250 :shock: :p :LOL:
  4. So LineNoise... your heading to work tomorrow?
    That's a nice shopping list you've left someone. ;)
  5. 1 monitored alarm system :wink:

    Edit: Plus me mum'll be home so WATCH OUT! :shock: :LOL:
  6. Check Mate.
  7. I believe Flipper beats ya all...she's got lots of Adult toys :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. A PSP 8)

    First ever post using one!

    Very Painful... :wink:
  9. Yep, flipper's the winner, no contest.
  10. I'd <puff, puff> give you a complete list <wheeze, wheeze> but if I stop <pant, pant> the electrickery goes off <huff, huff> so <I'm so tired> all I can tell you about <where's my ventolin> is my:

    pedal generator.
  11. You are such a gumby!!!