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Who commutes on the Nepean?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fa1c0n, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Well, my office has moved and its off to the Nepean for me...

    Who else commutes up the Nepean to work?
  2. Years ago. Thank goodness no longer. I suspect you'll enjoy it a whole lot less than the Monash. :)
  3. Now that the Monash costs money, I do take the Napean some days. Generally only if I am going in/home relatively late, or if it's a Monday. Somehow seems there's less traffic on Mondays.
    There's quite a few bikes around, most are really good at squeezing through the traffic!
  4. I certainly do have less fun than the Monash.
    But it saves me 220km a week. It pushes my services out to every 21 weeks instead of 16..... Big money savings, not even counting petrol and tolls...

    I do ok getting through the traffic.
  5. :) Might see ya out there then.

  6. Can't argue with that.
  7. I cage the Monash from Warrigal Rd to Tulla and return every day. Lately I'm unlikely to see more than 2 bikes a day.
  8. Is that because of the the recent police enforcement operation?
  9. Probably because of the introduced bike toll. That's at least the reason why I stopped taking the Monash.

    On the other hand yesterday morning I saw an undercover cop car pull over a scooter who was splitting/filtering in the CBD on Kings St (not speeding). I believe that could've been due to the enforcement operation that I read about here.
  10. If I get up early enough :)
  11. Hi Rob, since the start of the year. I recon it's the tolls.
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  12. Very well could be. I see more bikes on Nepean than I did on Monash.
    I hate the traffic lights though....
  13. Man the Nepean has so many dips and uneven surfaces.

    Filtering to the front of the lights and hitting a mound that pushes you into a line of traffic isn't fun.
  14. Anyone know what time A1 Motorcycles on Nepean highway opens tomorrow? Need to get a helmet with a visor so I can see when it rains...
  15. They were open at 8:45am.
  16. Traffic on the way in today was really easy... Sun was out - no rain!
  17. C'mon I know some of you must... I see you daily.
  18. I commuted on the Nepean Hwy this morning, left from Chelsea to the CBD up St Kilda Rd.
    Do this every now and again, good run, nice and sunny, it is a lot tighter than the Monash!
  19. Yeah - Much tighter than the Monash...

    Although, I feel like after 6 months of riding the Nepean, the Monash would be a breeze to shoot up.
  20. I've started taking the Nepean as I CBF dealing with Dandenong Rd. Was shitty this morning tho.