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Who commutes on the Monash?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fa1c0n, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. I ride most days of the week on a black and blue Harley Davidson Forty-eight.
    Anyone seen me? Have I seen you?

    Who are my comrades out there?

    Also anyone thinking about commuting on the Monash - Ask me anything. :)
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  2. I do! Use to have to do it daily, but now only Tuesday-Wednesday :)
    I think I've seen your bike a couple of times
  3. Is your bike the one from your DP? The GSX?
  4. Yep :) was riding a black ninja up until a couple of weeks ago
  5. I don't think I have seen your GSX but I know ive seen a few black ninjas.
    Ill keep any eye out for you.

    You will notice me - I have a green and black bandana and writing on my helmet.
    What helmet you have?

    Updated my Avitar to be a better qual picture of the bike, so you can spot me next time you ride.

    Hitting the road now - Will check this thread once I'm Home.
    Cya on the Monash!
  6. Will definitely keep an eye out! I've got a blue KBC full face, plus I'm usually in my green/black leather jacket so stand out easy
  7. An observation I've made recently is that there are a lot more cruisers on the Monash than on the Eastern. I ride the Eastern most days and find I'm one of very few cruiser riders out there. There are plenty of bikes, but they're all sport bikes. When I head out on the M1 though, I'm suddenly just one among many. What's with that?
  8. Yeah I've noticed that as well. HEAPS of cruisers in morning peak, with a couple of sport tourers/nakeds, and a sports bike or two occasionally
  9. Well the Monash comes up from Frankston, Dandenong, Cranbourne and so on.... All suburbs that I would say suit the Harley Davidson Demographic...
    If you get what I mean.

    At the time I go up though I normally only see nakeds and sports (About 8:15am 8:30am) But I left a little earlier today and suddenly HD's everywhere!
    Even some patched clubman on a bagger.

    Anyway, I would say I am pretty "Zippy" in the morning traffic. :p
  10. Ill be on the monash tommorow yellow and black cbr929rr
  11. Think I've seen you before.
    Might see ya there. Do filter at high speed?

    Also what time approx?
  12. I do, but you wouldent have seen me in particular This is my first time on the monash with this bike

  13. fair enough... keep an eye out for me, if I see you I'll hang around you for a bit. Ride safe mate...
  14. always do mate, what time are you usually on there?
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  15. East link north bound from frankston: 800am till 810ish am

    Monash from 810am - hard to tell how long because the traffic is so wildly variable.

    TIP: make sure you are in the right most lane Before toorak road, it always stops the left lane and people get retarded.
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  16. Very true ill be at work by then though ill be on there at about 7:15
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  17. darn... oh well might see you around some time.
  18. aye, pretty well every day. Big guy on a Red CB500F with black helmet and black top box and usually a high vis jacket. Oh, and an L plate :)
  19. I am on the Monash most workdays from Narre Warren to the CBD, times vary. 7 to 8-8.30 depends whats on at work.
  20. I'm in narre warren myself, might bump into you at the on-ramp (y)