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Who commutes on the Eastern?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jem, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. So an question blatantly stolen from Fa1c0n's thread about the Monash who is on the Eastern each day?

    I have moved offices and have just started using the Eastern each day. I get on at the Blackburn on ramp around 7am and end up going down Hoddle Street. Seen a few bikes in he last two days and would be good to know who they are and if they are on here or not.

    So I will go first :-
    1. Aprilla Shiver White on at Blackburn Road around 7am off at Hoddle Street and down the bus lane.

    Cheers Jeremy
  2. The only time I use the Eastern on the bike is on the weekends if I am meeting at Yarra Blvd or a short leg to Diamond Creek, From where you live would it not be easier to get on from Springvale Rd? Still Toll free from their.
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    Yeah sort of but I like getting on at Blackburn as the on ramp lane continues to Tram Road before you have to merge so gives me plenty of time to see what the cars are up to before moving across without the " I have to merge now I wonder who is talking on the phone, eating brakefast, putting on makeup, reading the paper, paying attention, issues " being the major focus instead of keeping the shiny side up:D
  4. You need to live a little :p
  5. I am trying
  6. You have more ponies now much easier to escape those bad cagers. Also you will find that most peak hour commuters are safer drivers then others and those concerns whilst warranted are less of an issue then say between 8.30-9.15 school hour traffic
  7. I run the entire length of the Eastern twice a day. East in the morning, West at night.

    Red UJM, a Kawasaki ER-5.
  8. So out bound in the morning and inbound in the afternoon, nice against the traffic both ways
  9. Yep.

    Morning is usually a cakewalk.

    Evenings are busier and drivers are more aggressive.
  10. Yeah I have found afternoons going anywhere is a different kettle of fish - guess it is the whole I have had enough I just want to get home situation is in play
  11. Yeah, me. The whole length every week day. I saw you on Springvale Road the other day. You'll feel the ground shakin and the cars leaving the lane as hell on Earth approaches. That would be me.
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  12. I get on at Springvale Rd, fight the idiots that can't help slowing down around Tram Rd and Bulleen Rd and then exit at Chandler Hwy. Go down through the Blvd for some peace before I hit Johnston St, turn left into Nicholson and then right into Victoria into the city.

    Come home on the Monash though. The madness of the afternoons on the Eastern means I take stupid risks which is not good for my life expectancy.

    HATE the Eastern Freeway.
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  13. In the mornings I am quite often on the Eastern. All the way from Frankston. On my way home it's generally late enough for there to be less traffic, so I often take Springvale Road. My route isn't that fix though, I change it according to whatever I feel like and my starting point/destination as that's not always the same either.

    Like the Eastern much more than Monash: much relaxter, less traffic, and it's faster.

    I'm the one who generally gives a small wave/nod when being passed/passing a bike in the lane right next to them.
  14. Hehe - Thanks for the credit where credit is due!
    It turned out to be a fun topic, I wish you luck in finding commuter friends!
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    I'm on the Eastern just about every day (that I'm in Oz), whether on 2 wheels or in 4. I believe I may have spotted your bike at some point. I usually enter off Thompsons Rd...anytime of the day/arvo/night...and usually exit onto Wellington, off Alexandra Parade...

    Red/White/Black BMW S1000RR, usually Red Arai (Corsair V Haga) lid...trying to stick to the speed limit...
    Safe riding. Will look out for you :)
  16. Thanks Nickers, will keep my eye out for you, don't see many bikes on my run, none today...
  17. I don't see many bikes further away from the city, generally I see them when getting close to the city and traffic becomes tight. Just a couple going outbound.

    Saw 2 this morning close to Hoddle St when traffic was banked up while splitting.
  18. I occasionally commute, once a week at most, was on the blackbird this morning, arrived at alexandra parade at about 8:20-30...
  19. I'm usually on the Eastern from Ringwood to Alexandra Parade in the morning, then down Nicholson into the city, and back again at night. Off work at the moment, but should be back again next week.
  20. I'm on the Eastern everyday, though these days i'm in the car now as the bike's out of action.
    Usually notice the same few bikes on the morning run.