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Who commutes on Springvale Road?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jem, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. So we have moved offices and I now find myself on Springvale Road for the daily commute.

    Get on at Junction Road ( near the Eastern) all the way down to Centre Road where I turn right. Do the reverse on the way home.

    So I now have the delightful, Springvale, Centre and Dandenong Road intersection to deal with twice a day.

    Trip is about 15 km so quite quick, will just take me a while to figure out which lanes are best at which spots and where the best gaps to filter are at each set of lights.

    Anyone else commute up and down Springvale Road or parts there of?

    Cheers Jeremy
  2. I used to leave nearish where you work.

    I hate that Springy/Centre Rd/Police Rd/Princes Hwy travesty of an intersection. Be careful of it. I've seen far more near misses there than most other roads I've seen around Melbourne.
  3. Know what you mean, the right turn of Springvale into Centre is not to bad with the two sets of lights and the reverse of Centre onto Springvale is just a left turn. The rest of the intersection sucks big time.

    The office is in the Hallmarc Business Centre on the Cnr of Centre and Westall Roads so this is the most logical route for me to travel.

    Cheers Jeremy
    PS good luck with the new bike hunt.
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  4. Would it be better to head up Princes Hwy to Westall Rd?
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  5. Hmmm worth a thought @Greydog@Greydog , our factory is right near the Centre Road Entrence. That said it would make little if any time difference so might give it a go and see. Thanks

    Cheers Jeremy
  6. You may find going to and travelling down Blackburn road to Princes Hwy (less morning traffic) and then turn into Westall Rd, eliminates the springy road intersection altogether
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  7. But isn't Blackburn Rd a 60kph zone?
  8. Think it ( Blackburn Rd ) might be and it has that dog leg in it but I will also give it a try, sure to get bored with just going up and down Springvale Road and that can lead to being complacent which is never a good thing.

    Cheers Jeremy
  9. When does the Narwhal bacon?
  10. midnight of course.
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  11. I used to cover a huge section of Springvale Rd every day until I finally moved.
    Blackburn Rd has a lower speed limit, but is so much nicer to travel. Until the Springvale level crossing was still there I prefered Blackburn Rd. Try all routes several times, it takes a couple of goes to figure out which lanes it's best to be in.
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  12. Hi,

    Thanks, been going into work via Springvale as I am traveling at 6am so little traffic and coming home via Blackburn Rd. Agree it is nice and has some 70 and 60 zones and quite good filtering options.

    Just need to memories all the light sequences and I think I am sorted.

    Thanks for all the input.

    Cheers Jeremy